The magic of rice mask on the skin


Acne and blackheads remain among the most important problems that the skin suffers from, so it disturbs  and causes her tension, at a time when huge sums are spent in order to obtain a clear, radiant complexion free of acne and blackheads. And there are women who dream of fresh, white skin full of vitality, so they seek to buy creams designed to lighten the skin, even though they contain very harmful chemicals.

Do you want to lighten your skin color without fear and in the simplest way? Here is a very simple and magical recipe.

How to make a rice mask:

Grind some rice grains, then mix them with water until it gives a suitable consistency that allows you to apply a mask of it on your face.


Leave the mask to dry, then rub it, and wash your face with warm water, and do not forget to notice the difference.


Here is another, more practical method, which is the following: When you wash the rice and prepare it for cooking, wash your face with rice water and leave it to dry, without drying it after washing it or washing it with water.


And after it dries completely, spray a little rose water on your face, and leave it to dry on its own.

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