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To have a peaceful sleep, choose one of these magical drinks - Care Beauty

To have a peaceful sleep, choose one of these magical drinks

If you have suffered from a long and stressful day because of your work, homework, or studies, here are several drinks that will give you a quiet and comfortable sleep and keep you away from anxiety and insomnia throughout the night.


1- Mint:

Mint treats pain and cramps and reduces colon irritation. It also cleanses the body and relieves muscle spasms. Green mint expels gases from the body and gives a sense of coolness. It has the benefit of relieving stomach pain. Mint is used as a local anesthetic for the skin. Treatment of diseases of the heart and the digestive system. Mint treats rheumatic diseases. Green mint is useful in treating gum diseases. Mint is also considered a stimulant medicine for the heart and blood circulation if it is drunk as tea regularly.


Also, chewing it relieves toothache, removes mouth odors, calms the nervous system, calms intractable coughing, calms nerves and anger states, and removes insomnia. It is also useful for coughing and colds, and reduces the intensity of headaches. It is one of the most well-known natural sedatives, so try to take it before bed.


2- Ginger


In addition to calming the nerves, as it is one of the herbs that are classified as sedatives, it helps to remove stomach infections.

And activates the liver through the sulfur in ginger, expels toxins, and helps build blood. And anti-nausea and vertigo, it helps to treat the colon or alleviate its diseases, because it balances the bacteria in the colon that cause the disease. Increases immunity in the body, helps to remove insomnia and nerves. It helps to strengthen memory and reduces its weakness. It treats asthma and respiratory diseases


It also treats colds and colds, and prevents blood clotting in the blood vessels, thus helping to dilate the vessels, and this is very useful for blood pressure disease and blood clotting disease, and also helps to increase sexual ability, and if mixed with milk, it is a very useful compound.



3- Camomile:


It is one of the best soothing teas, as it has a calming effect on the nerves, especially for those who suffer from insomnia, as it is called a “bed drink” to help the person sleep smoothly, and chamomile tea can be prepared at home by placing four to five chamomile flowers in a cup of boiling water and leaving it to steep for a while. Then he drinks chamomile tea to find the amazing result.