Tips to show the beauty of the eye and highlight it with natural recipes or makeup


The eyes are the title of beauty and the first thing that draws attention is the beauty of the eyes there are some problems may hide this beauty such as fatigue and lack of sleep, so we will talk about tips to show the beauty of the eye the appearance of this beauty be a person more young and beautiful.

Natural recipes to show the beauty of the eyes

Option to show the beauty of the eye

Cucumber slices are used for dark circles under the eyes as the cucumber has a great effect on dark circles under the eyes, and we cut the grain of cucumber into slices and put it on the eye and the eye is closed and left for ten minutes.

Potatoes to show the beauty of the eye

 Potatoes are effective in getting rid of dark circles under the eyes in addition to treating bulges, we boil the potatoes, cut them into slices and put them on the eyes for a few minutes.

Potatoes, cucumbers and basil to show the beauty of the eye

And is considered one of the best retreats that address the bulging eyes, the bead grinding the potatoes and bead option and wipe them and respect them then add to them St. Basil, mix well and then freeze back to the form of small cubes in the freezer and put it after that on the eyes.

Potato recipe

Potatoes are characterized by a large percentage of vitamin c and potassium, which are responsible for maintaining the balance of fluid inside the body.

And put a potato in the refrigerator for a day before use or at least two hours then cut into slices and put them on the eyes until you pay.

Recipe strawberry

Strawberries have an effective effect in treating under-eye bulges and have many other benefits.

It has a very simple way to use and it is to put pieces of strawberries on the eyes for five minutes so that they reduce puffiness.

Show eye beauty with green tea recipe

Green tea relieves dark circles under the eyes because it contains bioflavonoids, which help get rid of bacteria and infections.

Green tea is placed in bags and placed in the freezer to cool and then grease the eyes with olive oil and we bring green tea from the freezer and put it on the eyes with olive oil and leave for ten minutes and then rinse and moisten afterwards.

Rose water to show eye beauty

Rose water has many benefits for skin and hair and also has an effect on solving eye problems.

Recipes for suitable makeup to show the beauty of the eyes

There are a lot of steps using makeup to show the beauty of the eyes by concealing defects

Use the concealer under the eyes and should be open from the skin as this serves to hide the imperfections around the eyes.

The use of the eyeliner Prem a line above and below the eyes down to the inner corner of the eye this makes the eyes smaller, but if you draw a line in the middle of the eye that makes the eye outstretched and the white or silver color of the eyeliner should be used it makes the eyes wider and brighter.

Choose three colors of Shadows and light, medium, bold, and light on the eyelid and brow bone as expected Vickers to the crease of the eye as for the color of dark Vita put it on the lashes top and put a Color Matte on the outer corners of the interior that works to attract and reverse the damage.

What most shows the beauty of the eyes is to determine the shape of the eyebrows and must remove excess hair constantly by wax, plucking or thread and must take into account not to overdo the removal and it is advised if the eyebrows have light hair you should hide the blanks by eyebrow pencil or use the solution in the arrangement

Use the eyelash Press by making the eyelashes higher making the eyes look more wider

Use mascara to intensify lashes and use a mascara brush in it and you have to borrow from the roots of eyelashes

If you suffer from light or short eyelashes, we recommend using false eyelashes to highlight the beauty of the eyes and give you a beautiful look.

Tips to show eye beauty

Sleep must be taken into account that the more something straining the eyes is lack of sleep, make sure that you get sufficient sleep for at least seven or eight hours a day and avoid the evening as much as possible.

Alcohol, the most harmful thing to the eyes and make them dry, bloating and red eyes alcohol or caffeinated drinks so try to stay away from those drinks

Smoking, if one of the harms of smoking is that it causes irritation of the eyes and causes dryness, bloating and redness you should also stay away from smoking or from smokers.

Water, drinking water has many benefits for the body and eyes especially be careful to drink more water and that makes the eyes more fresh and resists redness and swelling of the eyes.

Healthy diet, you should observe a healthy healthy diet and stay as far away as possible from foods with carbohydrates and sugars and be sure to eat plenty of foods that contain vitamin A elements.. b..c. An example of such foods is spinach, kale and watermelon. And oranges, strawberries and avocado.

Exercise, you must keep exercising and continuously it helps and has a big factor in weight loss and keeps you young.

You must not know your eyes for the sun no great harm to the eyes, plus it’s causing fine lines and wrinkles if was forced to use sunglasses they protect your eyes from UV rays.

We recommend using a sunscreen with an emphasis on the under-eye area

You should stay as far away as possible from anything that causes eye irritation and do not expose it to causes of redness and bloating such as smoking, vigil and alcoholic beverages.

Tips for showing eye beauty in other ways

There are night creams dedicated to the eye that remove redness, puffiness and irritation and fight wrinkles and fine lines so keep using these creams and keep them useful for such cases

If you work in the computer field, try to take a break at least every hour and be careful to leave a distance between you and the screen.

He likes to care for the eyelid with a moisturizer throughout the day

Do not use metallic eyelid shadow

The use of eye creams to oxidize as they are very effective in treating sagging skin

And when choosing creams he likes to stay away as much as possible from creams with a pungent smell because they irritate the eyes and review keeping these creams in the refrigerator

Minimize the use of coffee and caffeine as a negative influence on the eyes to understand what causes dark circles and puffiness under the eyes .

Stay away from the use of eyeliner inside the eye, it is placed over the eyelid along the eyelashes

Keeping the eyes is very important, the more beautiful your eyes will give your face a shine, the eyes are the symbol of beauty