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Tips for stronger bones

Tips for stronger bones

Tips for stronger bones… Are our bones weak??


Our bones are strong and tough, but they need maintenance, attention, and renewal in order to maintain their strength. Bones are mainly composed of two substances, collagen and calcium phosphate. Collagen is a protein that has greater strength than steel, but is flexible so that it allows the absorption of large loads. Calcium phosphate is a mineral that helps increase bone hardness, which Combining them makes sure the bones are strong and flexible When the bones get weaker: When the body doesn’t get enough phosphate and calcium from your diet, bone cells don’t regenerate. Bigger than usual with very severe pain in front of which medical drugs and analgesics can lose their effectiveness, so there are some ways with which you can strengthen your bones and reduce the loss of cells


After this explanation, we need tips for stronger bones:

Calcium and Vitamin D: The skeleton responds faster to the nutrients you eat throughout the day in your daily diet, so you must take care of a healthy diet that contains a lot of general nutrients, especially calcium and vitamin D. Calcium is required for the formation of new bone cells, while vitamin D is required to facilitate The body absorbs calcium from food


The daily diet should contain green leafy vegetables, as they contain a large amount of calcium, and dairy products are of high nutritional value and a strong source of calcium, as they contain substances that can strengthen immunity.


In addition to the above, bread and juices are a major source of calcium, and exposure to the sun provides you with vitamin D, which is important for calcium absorption.


Aerobic exercises: Exercise increases the strength of the bones because it makes the body work against gravity and makes the muscles tighten and pull as the bones work under pressure, making them

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