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Tips for attractive lips

The lips are the source of the face’s radiance and freshness


The shape and color of the lips highlight your beauty, so your lips deserve the necessary care to beautify them and hide their flaws.


Every woman who wants to highlight the advantages of her lips and hide their flaws must acquire the following tools:


Lip brush:


All makeup artists apply lipstick with a brush, especially when using strong colors, because the brush makes the color last longer and adjusts the way it is applied to the lip.




It is necessary to define the lips, change their shape, make lipstick last longer and prevent it from running and extending beyond the natural boundaries of the lip.


New assortment of colors:


Lipstick should not be chosen randomly, but attention must be paid to its quality.


A good lipstick is one that nourishes and protects the lips, resists heat, and spreads easily. Light and shiny colors make the lips appear larger, while dark and matte colors make them appear smaller.


Do not use bright pearly colors if your lips are naturally chapped or dry as this will highlight them more.

Good lipstick cannot give satisfactory results without preparing the lips before beautifying them. Therefore, you should exfoliate your lips every evening with a toothbrush and put a little Vaseline on it, as this helps remove dead cells from them.

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