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Nail coloring and care

Nails are the symbol of beauty in your hands and fingers, and they require a lot of care and attention from you to look beautiful


To get strong and attractive nails, here are these tips and experiences:


Paint removal:


First, start by cleaning your nails completely and getting rid of traces of previous polish using a suitable polish remover that does not contain acetone, which harms your nails.


Dip a small piece of cotton in the polish remover solution, then pass it over the nails from the roots to the tips. Rinse your hands well so that they do not dry out due to the solution.


There are types that contain some moisturizing agents and vitamins, and acetone-free polish remover does not cause dry nails, but it is less effective.


Cut nails:


If the nails are very long, be sure to cut them with nail clippers or nippers before filing them. Start from the side of the nail with a slight inclination, because cutting the nail straight may lead to splitting.




Be sure to do this step for healthy, strong nails and to protect the skin surrounding the nails from any infections.


Use a special nail care cream or oil and massage well all the nails, even the tips.


You can also immerse the nails in oil or cream and wear gloves on them before sleeping. Let the lotion penetrate into them throughout the night to enjoy the softness and moist texture.


Trimming nails with a file:


Trimming nails with a file gives them a beautiful appearance, maintains their length, and works to repair all types of fractures or scratches they may have.


Choose a file made of cardboard or glass, not made of metal, because it may cause duplication of the nails and does not produce a desired result.


Hold the file at an angle and move it gently from side to side along the nails


The cardboard file is gentle on the nails and does not cause them to be scratched or scratched


It is possible that using a metal file or one designed to file acrylic-coated nails will lead to mild splitting of natural nails.


Give the nail shape and form by filing its side. Do not try to file the upper surface of the nail because that leads to thinning of its surface and leads to cracking and breakage.


Getting rid of excess skin:


Nail care experts confirm that whenever the nail is clean before painting it, it will resist cracking for a long time


Start by softening the dead skin around the nails using a cream designed for that purpose


Distribute a little lotion that removes excess dead skin away from the nails, then get rid of the dead skin using the pointed area of ​​any file or sharp tooth before removing the excess skin from the nail.


Moisturizing nails:


Most of the disorders that affect nails, such as breakage, peeling, cracking, and splitting


It is caused by dehydration and a lack of water in the nails


To avoid all these risks


Make sure to distribute a little oil or moisturizing cream on each nail individually once or twice a day


You can place the hands saturated with the cream in a plastic bag and wrap them in a hot towel for half an hour.

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