TikTokurtun’s new trend: “Martini makeup” makes your eyes look long and mysterious

Now, unlike the bright colors of the summer months, the trend of cooler and stylish makeup comes into play. Finally, the new trend that rocked TikTok was ‘Martini Makeup. If you want to try this makeup trend, here is everything you want to know about martini makeup.


Martini make-up applies sparkling shadows, motley powder and dizzying lip colors on the headlamp.


Trends in the ever-evolving world of makeup are moving faster than the social media stream. TikTok is the home of the world’s biggest trends, especially when it comes to fashion and makeup.


From Tomato girl makeup to strawberry makeup trends, many makeup spirits went viral on social media and ended. Finally, a dazzling trend shook TikTok, and it’s called “Martini Makeup. The focal point of this makeup is the fascinating and radiant eyes. We share with you the essentials of Martini makeup and how it is made.




The latest trend that has plagued the world of makeup is ‘Martini Makeup’, also known as ‘Dirty Martini Makeup’. Martini make-up is known to have appeared when makeup artist Claudia Neacsu shared more than 620 thousand views of TikTok.


Tik Tokta is the opposite of strawberry girl makeup, which is viral. Instead of focusing on red and pink hues, it consists of a cold-toned look consisting of eyeshadow, winged eyeliner and nude lip in olive green tones.




Bold and glittering shadows, dizzying lip makeup lovers with their colors love the Martini makeup trend. All you need to achieve the Martini makeup trend is your eye shadow selection.





Tik Tok user Neacsu says that to capture this look, you need to work step by step. “Apply and distribute eyeliner first, then move to the next eye, apply and distribute the liner, and continue like this, ” adds.


Then pull out the green eyeliner and metallic bright green on top of your eyelid to further highlight the appearance of your eyes eye apply the headlight and continue with nude lipstick or a dark red lipstick.


Then apply eyeliner to make your eyes look more mysterious and longer.


One of the professional tips of Martini make-up is that your skin is as close as possible bright make it appear. For this, choose your BB cream, concealer, powder or skin that will give the photo-ready and silky look.


Finally, finish using a black or even dark green mascara for a monochrome look.




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