Three natural quick mixtures for body whitening

Are you looking for quick mixtures to whiten the body? Try the following natural mixtures with us, and do not forget to tell us your opinion about them!

1) A mixture of lemon and Indian turmeric to whiten the body



> Mix the juice of half a lemon with half a chopped cucumber and a small amount of Indian turmeric.

> Distribute the mixture on your body except for the face.

>Rub the mixture on your body, then leave the mixture until it dries completely.>

> Remove traces of the mixture with warm water.

2) A mixture of sandalwood and tomato to exfoliate and whiten the body

> Mix equal quantities of sandalwood powder, tomato juice, cucumber juice and lemon until it forms a homogeneous mixture. >

> Massage your body with the mixture well, then leave it to dry. The body is washed with warm water.

>3) A mixture of coconut milk and pineapple juice for smoothness and whiteness of the body>


> Mix equal quantity of coconut milk and fresh pineapple juice.>

> Massage your body with the mixture >

> This mixture can be used to lighten the skin as well, while avoiding applying the mixture in the area around the eye.

> General tips when using body whitening mixtures:

>• The use of natural bleaching mixtures gives an amazing result, provided that it is maintained.

>• Make sure to apply sunscreen creams to ensure that the skin does not darken as a result of exposure to the scorching sun.

>Especially in the summer.

>• Try a small amount of the bleaching mixture first on a small part of your body to make sure that the body does not feel sensitive

> for the components of the mixture.

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