This is how you get rid of cellulite


Cellulite is an aesthetic problem for women and prevents them from wearing short clothes in summer due to the ugly appearance of the skin.


The German beauty portal “Hot.D” explained that cellulite is a bump that appears on the surface of the skin and makes the skin look like the peel of an orange, especially in the thighs and buttocks area as a result of the prominence of fatty tissue in these areas, according to “24”.

Weight gain and lack of movement
The weight gain and the effects caused by the estrogen hormone in women, are the main reasons for the appearance of cellulite, in addition to the lack of physical activities and an unhealthy diet.

However, an orange peel skin problem caused by cellulite can be treated with an integrated treatment method that consists of physical activities, a healthy diet and the use of effective skin care products.

The areas affected by cellulite should be moisturized throughout the year, not only during the summer and swimming season, and the tissues should be tightened by taking regular alkaline baths or making a mask to tighten and soften the body.

Also, massage sessions and the use of devices that affect the skin from the inside via radio frequencies, can help give an attractive image of the skin’s shape.

A healthy lifestyle
To support all these measures, a healthy lifestyle should be followed, as you should stop smoking, drinking alcohol and avoiding foods containing large amounts of sugar.

It is also important to drink two liters of water per day, and it is best to drink mineral water containing a large amount of calcium, in addition to practicing endurance sports such as swimming and cycling.

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