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Get rid of wrinkles with dates

From time to time, the skin needs masks that restore its freshness and radiance, especially as it is always prone to fatigue, dehydration, early wrinkles, pimples and scars.


Therefore, we offer you a way to prepare a date mask at home, because this fruit has many properties that give the skin the necessary nutrition, maintain its luster and beauty, and remove wrinkles faster than the effect of collagen cream.

one date fruit.
One egg yolk.
Juice of a lemon.
A little rose water.

Method of preparation and application:
– Crush the dates well. Then, add eggs, lemon juice and rose water to it. Then, stir the ingredients well and apply it to the skin of your face, keeping away from the eyes. An hour after applying the mask, rinse your face well with cold water to get rid of any impurities or residues.


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