These are the benefits of charcoal pills for beauty and health… and are there any harms to using them?

Charcoal pills may not be well-known or most popular in the beauty world, but this does not mean that they do not have many benefits for health and beauty. In fact, coal in particular plays a major role in removing toxins from the body, reducing excess oils in the skin, strengthening hair and other benefits that it gives you. From here, we will reveal to you the benefits and harms of charcoal pills in general, in addition to helping you find them to buy from.

Charcoal grain information

1- What are charcoal grains?

They are capsules made of charcoal, containing many natural and vegetable substances that are beneficial for health and beauty alike.

2- The benefits of charcoal pills

2.1- Clean the skin 

Charcoal is a key ingredient in many face masks from many major international brands. Activated charcoal benefits the skin by drawing oil, dirt and other harmful substances from clogged pores due to its absorbent abilities. Also, eating charcoal pills will help indirectly to clean the skin, and these pills can be crushed and used as a mask on the face.

2.2- Reducing the secretion of oils in the face 

Activated charcoal is known to adjust the level of oil secretion in the face and protect the pores from clogging caused by the accumulation of fat. Hence, taking charcoal pills or using them as a face mask, will contribute to reducing these excess secretions.


2.3- Teeth whitening

Charcoal grains, by grinding them and using the powder on the toothbrush, help in whitening the teeth. In fact, charcoal contains many components that remove the yellow color of the teeth. But be careful not to do this daily to avoid weakening of the teeth and erosion of the enamel layer.

2.4- Promote hair growth

One of the most important aesthetic properties that coal adds to hair is to improve its growth. Charcoal cleans the scalp by absorbing oils and dirt that are obstacles to hair growth, so by removing them, the pores of the scalp become clean, which allows hair to grow in a better way.

2.5- Reducing itchy scalp

Charcoal pills can relieve an itchy scalp and treat seborrheic dermatitis, by taking capsules or using them as a hair mask.


2.6- Treatment of flatulence

Charcoal pills are used for gas and flatulence, as they absorb and get rid of these gases.

2.7- Reducing high cholesterol levels

Charcoal pills help reduce high cholesterol levels, by preventing the body from absorbing harmful cholesterol.

2.8- Promote kidney function

Charcoal pills enhance the work of the kidneys, by binding and trapping toxins that can be filtered in the kidneys. 

2.9- Reducing diarrhea

Charcoal pills treat diarrhea by preventing the absorption of toxins and bacteria in the body. 

2.10- Treatment of poisoning

Activated charcoal pills are used to treat some cases of poisoning, and to relieve toxins from both the digestive and urinary tracts.

3- Harmful effects of charcoal grains

It is true that charcoal pills have a lot of benefits, but in some cases and when consumed excessively, it may lead to:

  • diarrhea
  • feeling nauseous
  • Slowing or obstruction of the intestinal tract in rare cases

4- Where do you find charcoal pills?

You can find charcoal pills in pharmacies in the form of capsules or through online shopping sites.

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Important note: Do not take charcoal pills without consulting a doctor, especially if you are a pregnant woman, in order to avoid any subsequent side effects

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