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The therapeutic benefits that chestnuts offer to your health

(chestnut, chataigne)

It is winter, and in winter we love to eat chestnuts as we enjoy their delicious taste on cold days, but what miraculous therapeutic benefits do chestnuts provide for our health?


Chestnuts have been known since the Bronze Age in Europe, while their origins go back to Persia. But it actually appeared in Greece around the fifth century BC, and spread with the Romans in the Mediterranean countries all the way to the Gauls.


Known forever for its properties

Greek and Roman doctors recommended eating chestnuts, whose composition is similar to that of wheat. It is very nutritious, rich in energy, restores mineral salts to the body, and helps in cases of anemia. An excellent tonic for muscles, nerves and arteries, it is very rich in potassium, iron, zinc, copper, manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, sulfur, sodium, calcium and vitamins.


Anti-fatigue and blood circulation problems

Chestnuts can be consumed in multiple forms: steamed, in poultry stuffing, ground and as a cooked sweetener with sugar. Do not hesitate to eat chestnuts throughout the winter because they are rich in energy, which will help you resist the cold. Dr. Valnier advises “the physically and mentally exhausted, those suffering from anemia, children, the elderly, and people at risk of varicose veins and hemorrhoids” to eat chestnuts. It is also an excellent food for athletes and those who perform hard work.


Pay attention to your fitness!

The only blame we can give to chestnuts is that they are not the ideal variety for losing weight! Therefore, eat it regularly but in moderation until spring.


Peel and leaves

The peel, from which the substances are extracted by boiling, is known for its ability to stop diarrhea. As for the leaves, they are collected in the spring when they are tender, then dried and used to prepare a hot drink. Drinking this hot drink 3 times a day cures chronic coughing attacks, as well as a significant number of tracheal problems. Two handfuls of leaves can be placed in a liter of water to create a hair rinse lotion that will give blonde or chestnut hair a beautiful copper luster.

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