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Chocolate helps get rid of belly fat

A new study conducted by scientists from Spain revealed that chocolate is the best assistant for those who want to lose weight, regardless of the high calories it gives. Scientists from the Spanish University of Madrid spoke about new unusual features of chocolate, according to what was reported by the “Russia Today” website.


Scientists conducted tests in which more than a thousand volunteers participated, who were divided into three groups: The first group ate foodstuffs included in the composition of diets for an entire year.


The second group ate foodstuffs similar to those consumed by average people.


The third group ate nutritional meals, as did the first group, but with the addition of 30 grams of chocolate daily.


After the year had passed, it became clear that the members of the third group had lost the largest amount of fat compared to the members of the first and second groups.


Scientists concluded from this experiment that thanks to cocoa, the members of the third group lost an average of 3.8 kg of their weight, and their abdominal muscles became stronger.

The reason for these results is that cocoa is rich in theobromine, which, like caffeine, is related to purine alkaloids, but its effect is milder than caffeine.


Theobromine compound accelerates the metabolism (participates in burning fat) and helps in the absorption of complete proteins, that is, with its help it is possible to lose weight and strengthen muscles at the same time.


For her part, diet expert Dr. Svetlana Berezhnaya from Russia adds, “Chocolate is a food substance that gives high calories, so we should not eat more than 30 grams per day as a prescription for therapeutic medication in order for it to do its job and reach our desired goal.”


It should be noted that scientists from the American University of Kentucky have previously discovered a new feature of chocolate (cocoa and glucose in it) that helps stimulate the secretion of the happiness hormone “serotonin,” which reduces aggression.


University of London scientists also advise people who suffer from liver problems to eat a small piece of chocolate once a day.


In addition to the benefits of chocolate for the blood vessels in the liver, it lowers blood pressure, because it contains antioxidants.





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