The spagol for slimming is the 3 most popular ways with amazing results

The spagol for slimming is the 3 most popular ways with amazing results

Spagol recipes for slimming, the spagol herb for slimming achieved amazing results in a short period of time.


What is a psyllium?




It is an Indian herb of origin called psyllium or plantain. Prague and psyllium grains are derived from the seeds of Plantago Ovata plants. They are available in the form of whole grains, powder or as a nutritional supplement, as tablets, capsules or powder.


What are the components of Alspgol for slimming?


The spagol contains:


Gel. Starches. Vegetable fibers and carbohydrates in high proportions. Fixed oils.


It should be noted that the part of the spagol herb for slimming is the peels, so it is recommended to drink water in large quantities when taking it soaked so as not to be exposed to dehydration because the basis of its method of working is to absorb water from the body.


Is the herb Alspgol benefits?


It is known as the magic herb because of its important nutritional and medical benefits due to its rich composition of nutritious fibers, the most important of which is Metamucil. Its benefits are represented in the following points:


Maintaining normal cholesterol levels in the blood and lowering levels of triglycerides and harmful cholesterol, which stimulates fat burning and weight loss, as well as protects you from heart disease. Absorption of harmful substances, toxins and fats and their elimination from the body. Regulating bowel movement, in order to control the levels of water in the excreta, which relieves both constipation and diarrhea. Enhancing the efficiency of the digestive system and treating many of its problems, such as constipation and gas, and softening the intestines, which reduces bloating in the abdominal area. Treatment of diarrhea and gastroenteritis by By drawing excess water from the small intestine and fatty secretions in the stool, which relieves gastroenteritis and accelerates recovery. Slimming and weight loss, as it reduces appetite and increases the feeling of fullness, which reduces the amount of foods the patient eats daily. Maintaining normal blood sugar levels from By lowering blood sugar and lowering insulin levels, so it is very suitable for diabetics. It acts as a protective and soothing shield for the wall of the stomach and intestines. It relieves the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, because it acts as probiotics compounds that nourish the healthy bacteria in the intestines. Heartburn and reduces thirst. Improves anal fissures and relieves hemorrhoid pain. Reduces high blood pressure and the chance of atherosclerosis due to its clear effect on cholesterol levels. Reducing the chances of colon cancer because it cleans the intestines of toxins. Preventing the formation of gallstones. Reducing fever and restoring the body temperature to the normal level. How does spaghetti help to lose weight?


The water-soluble fiber in the espagol shells in the intestine turns into a gelatinous substance, giving you a feeling of fullness for a longer period, reducing food consumption.

It also works to control the level of cholesterol in the blood, due to its ability to bind with fatty acids, to expel them out of the body with the stool, which stimulates the liver to use cholesterol as a substitute for fatty acids, by producing more of these acids, which stimulates the burning of fats, and it also works to withdraw approximately 7% of the accumulated fat with each meal

spagol recipes for weight loss

Method 1:

Add 2 tablespoons of spaghetti powder to a cup of hot water, yoghurt, hot milk or juice as desired. Stir the drink well and can be diluted with water if the consistency is thick.

Method 2:

Aspagol leaves are boiled and drunk as an herbal tea.

Notes on the above two methods:

The drink can be sweetened with a spoon of diet sugar or honey. Have this drink at least 10 minutes before meals. This drink can be taken three times a day.

Method 3:

The spagol herb is available in the form of nutritional supplements in pharmacies in different dosage forms.


It is recommended to drink a lot of water when taking this herb. Avoid taking it at times close to the dates of taking medications. Does the spagol herb have side effects?

Usually it does not cause any side effects, but there are symptoms of allergy to the herb or its overuse, and they are as follows:

Feeling of trouble breathing Swelling of the face, tongue, lips or throat Suffering in passing stool and constipation for more than a week Bleeding from the anus Severe stomach cramps Nausea How many kilos do you lose with spaghetti?

With a diet, Espagol can help you lose between 8 to 10 kilograms per month.

Realistic experiences of the spagol herb for weight lossExperiment 1

A Sudanese woman in her late thirties who suffered for years from obesity, which exposed her to a lot of health, psychological and social harm, prompted her to try spaghetti leaves to lose weight by knocking on them and drinking them at night for 4 weeks. This helped her lose 4 kilograms, which encouraged her to continue this recipe.

experience 2

For a Saudi woman in her mid-thirties who believed in the effectiveness of natural recipes and was suffering from localized fat in the arms, thighs and buttocks area, a friend of hers working in the field of nutrition advised her using the spagol herb and started using it daily before her main meals. She described her experience with the spaghetti as an excellent one.

3 . experience

An Egyptian citizen residing in Saudi Arabia in the early thirties suffered during the last two years during the Corona pandemic from an increase in weight due to lack of physical effort and working from home. Her weight remained stable, so her experience with him was considered futile.

4 . experience

A Syrian citizen in her mid-thirties was suffering from a localized price in the abdominal area after giving birth to her second child, so she resorted to the spagol prescription, and after one week of use, she lost a kilogram of weight and noticed a decrease in her appetite, which encouraged her to continue, so she considers her experience with him to be excellent.


5 . experience


A citizen from Kuwait in her late twenties started using the spagol herb for weight loss, but it did not work for her, but she succeeded in losing weight by following a diet. Alspgol for slimming is not successful.


After learning about the benefits of spaghetti for slimming and other health benefits, it should be noted that it is incorrect to use this herb in any of its forms without consulting a specialist doctor to investigate its suitability to the person’s health condition, especially those who suffer from intestinal problems, diabetes or any kind of allergies, or in If you are planning a surgery.


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