The soothing benefits of lavender bath salts and how to make them yourself

We all know that a warm bath at the end of a long day helps to relax and calm the nerves after a long and hard day’s work. But in order for you to get the right relaxation, the bath must be medical, as it helps in treating some diseases in addition to its amazing cosmetic properties. Therefore, herbalists and practitioners of natural medicine have been advised to use therapeutic baths for centuries for all kinds of ailments. There are many ways in which a bath can be therapeutic. But in this article, we will learn about the benefits of soothing lavender bath salts that will turn your bathtub into a giant cup of medicinal and herbal tea.


What is the best way to make herbal bath salts recipe?


You can do this soothing lavender bath salt recipe in more than one way, for example:


Put medicinal herbs directly into your bath water.


Put the herbs in a bag of nuts milk and then tie it in the faucet, then let the water flow through it.


Make a strong herbal infusion and then pour the filtered tea directly into the bath water.


These three methods work beautifully, it just depends on which method you prefer. So all you have to do is choose the appropriate method for you to enjoy a relaxing herbal bath.


Bath salts benefits:


The second way in which bath salts are turned into a medical treatment is through the salts themselves. Did you know that many of us suffer from a magnesium deficiency in the body? Which may lead to the appearance of many symptoms, for example, headache, anxiety, constipation, muscle cramps and a host of other symptoms. Fortunately, our body absorbs magnesium through the skin (through skin cells). Therefore, bath salts may be a safe way to replace the body with the magnesium it needs without any side effects that come by taking oral supplements.

For example, mixing Epsom salt (magnesium) with pink Himalayan salt (a whole bunch of other trace minerals) has the healing power of relaxing as well as providing your body with the beneficial minerals it needs.


Soothing benefits of lavender bath salts:


There are many benefits that you can benefit from this soothing lavender bath salts recipe. One of the main ingredients in this recipe is Epsom salt, which is magnesium and sulfate, which have healing properties, unlike table salt.

Here are the main soothing benefits of lavender bath salts:


1- Moisturizing


Soaking the body in the bathtub for 20 minutes with bath salts helps moisturize the skin and reduce inflammation in the body. Several studies indicate that people with skin problems such as psoriasis or eczema can improve their condition by taking regular salt baths. In addition, the minerals found in a salt bath help in promoting the freshness and youthfulness of the skin.


2- Reducing stress:


A warm bath in general helps to relax. But adding the therapeutic benefits of the right mixture of salts calms muscle tension and relieves tension, thus helping to calm the mind and body.


3- Detoxification of the blood:


Lavender and Epsom salts have powerful detoxifying properties in the bloodstream. A lavender salt bath can draw toxins and heavy metals from the bloodstream, thus helping to heal and balance the body.


4- Treatment of insomnia:


Lavender salt bath is rich in magnesium as it contains epsom salts that help the body relax. Thus, getting a good night’s sleep, thus preventing and treating insomnia.


Pain relief:


Soaking your body in a lavender salt bath for at least 12 minutes after a long day can help tired, aching muscles. It can help reduce inflammation and muscle pain.


Benefits of lavender essential oil:


Lavender oil also has many health benefits for the body and mind, for example:


Promotes rest and relaxation Preventing and treating anxiety and nervous tension Reducing fungal infections, allergies and depression Reducing eczema and psoriasis Preventing nausea Reducing menstrual cramps and pain in women Soothing lavender bath salts recipe:


the ingredients :


4 cups of Epsom salt 2 cups of pink or coarse Himalayan salt 60 drops of lavender essential oil ½ cup of dried lavender flowers


Required tools:


6 pint storage jars or mason jars Dried lavender sprigs Large mixing bowl Labels To make soothing lavender bath salts: In a large mixing bowl, combine Epsom salt and pink Himalayan salt. Then, spray on lavender essential oil. Stir over the salts and stir until well blended. Next, stir in the dried lavender flowers and stir well to blend. Then, divide the mixture into pint storage jars and seal. Label the jars with lavender bath salts to distinguish them. How to use: Dissolve one cup or a large handful of soothing lavender bath salts in hot bath water. Then, relax and soak your body for at least 20 minutes in the mixture. After that, rinse your body and bathtub thoroughly after use. Storage:


Salts absorb moisture in the air, so these salts may begin to harden after a few weeks of preparation. Using an airtight jar will help you preserve them. But if it hardens, you can use a fork to loosen it.

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