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The signs of dry skin ... these are the most prominent - Care Beauty

The signs of dry skin … these are the most prominent


Fortunately, dry skin is not dangerous, but it can sometimes pose an uncomfortable situation for women and negatively affect their appearance.

Dry skin generally results from environmental factors that can be partially controlled, such as hot or cold weather, low humidity, and the use of hot water on the skin frequently,

With the exception of some serious cases, where dry skin is caused by a group of inherited disorders, which requires consulting a specialist.

In all cases, we will inform you in the following, about the most prominent signs of dry skin, to treat this problem immediately.

The most prominent signs of dry skin

Dry skin is often a temporary problem, especially during winter, but it may extend for life, as this problem is related to the woman’s age, health, place of residence, and time spent outdoors …

Altogether, these are the most prominent signs of dry skin:


Rough skin texture.


Fissures that may bleed sometimes.

The appearance of fine lines on the skin.

Scaly skin

Clogged skin pores.

How to avoid dry skin

Avoid using hot water in the shower.

Use a moisturizing soap when showering.

Use a moisturizing cream on your skin immediately after showering.

Avoid scrubbing your skin excessively, and make sure to dry your skin gently, with a soft towel.

Drink lots of water.

Avoid itching or peeling dry skin.

Moisturise your skin daily and continuously.