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The Secret of Long Life: The Most Valuable Healthy Life Habits of the Japanese


Japanese people were known for having the longest-lived people in recent years. Although it lost the first place to Monaco in 2021, it still holds important records. Of course, the important thing is not only to live long, but also to live happily. So what is the secret of the Japanese people, who live both a happy and long life? 🤔 We researched and wrote about the secrets of the Japanese people about healthy living. Here are 6 golden pieces of information from Japan, where the longest-lived people live…

1. The smaller the better!

The Japanese believe that when we consume small portions, we eat more slowly. In this way, they can understand more easily whether they are full or not. You can also try reducing your portions. Preparing several small plates instead of one large plate will allow you to eat more controlled.

2. You should avoid getting full

Eating too fast is not recommended anywhere in the world, not just in Japan. 😊 From the moment we start eating, it takes about 20 minutes for our brain to send signals of satiety. For this reason, the Japanese consume only 80% of their plate. They remove the rest to eat later.

3. You should pay attention to the amount of salt and oil you consume.

Nagano is one of the healthiest regions in Japan. The average life expectancy of the Nagano people is 80-87 years. A study discovered that Nagano people consume an average of 15.1 grams of salt per day, which is detrimental to their health. If you reduce your daily salt consumption to 0.9 grams, this can significantly extend your lifespan. In addition, you should limit your oil consumption to one teaspoon. It looks like the people of Nagano can set new records if they reduce their salt consumption! 😊

4. Walking is essential for them!

Japanese people like to lead an active life. One of their favorite sports is walking. They also love to chat while walking. They even believe that this sport strengthens community bonds.

5. You should take care of consuming tofu


Tofu is a delicious food that increases the elasticity of your skin. Being vegan is another plus! 😍 You should consume this food regularly, which reduces the risk of cancer while protecting you from diseases.

6. You should take a steamy bath from time to time

Steamy baths not only help you relax, but also positively affect your health. Because steam baths and baths have many benefits! Of course, you should not forget that if you stay longer than necessary, it can affect you badly. Listen to your body.

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