The Secret Ingredient That Gives You Gorgeous Curly Hair

Having shiny, healthy curly hair is every girl’s dream nowadays, now that curly hair has become the latest trend, but to keep curly hair without frizz, you need one ingredient to help you achieve it.


This ingredient is cetrimonium chloride, which is used in many brands as an emulsifier that can help preserve the mixture of ingredients that do not normally work well (eg: oil and water), and it also has some antiseptic properties, which means that it helps to Prevent the growth of any microorganisms that could damage the product.


What is cetrimonium chloride?


Cetrimonium chloride is an ingredient that helps maintain water-absorbing and repelling surfactants (hence the ingredient’s ability to combine two warring elements, such as oil and water together).


Cetrimonium chloride has a positive charge, while hair has a negative charge, so it has magnetic attraction, which attracts positive and negative forces, and they are related to each other.


Benefits of Cetrimonium Chloride for Hair


There is a reason for the presence of cetrimonium chloride in most of the hair components, due to the multiple uses within the formulations, which are mainly to prevent the tangle of curly hair strands, and to maintain their perfect texture.


Cetrimonium chloride effectively cleanses and conditions hair, smoothes scalp skin and gives it a silky touch, which is why you’ll find it in most conditioners, especially those designed for curly hair.


It also reduces static and volatile charges, and because this molecule has a positive chemical bond, it attracts negative charges that build up in hair in winter and cold weather, making it a great anti-frizz and anti-static agent that neutralizes the root cause of static electricity.


Not all ingredients are supposed to last, but cetrimonium chloride can help fight bacteria, extend the life of your products, and keep them clean, safe, and effective for longer.

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