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The nutritional value of lentils and its health benefits for the body - Care Beauty

The nutritional value of lentils and its health benefits for the body


Lentils are considered one of the legumes rich in many nutritional benefits for the body, and in the next few lines we will learn about the nutritional value of lentils in detail, so follow me

The nutritional value of lentils

100 grams of cooked lentils contain the following nutritional values:

Carbohydrates 20.13 grams.

353 kcal.

Proteins: 9.02 g.

116 calories.

Fat 0.3 grams.

In contrast, this daily ration provides the body with the following proportions:

Folate at 45% of the RDA.

Iron, 36%.

Manganese by 70%.

Phosphorus by 28%.

Thiamine, 58%.

Potassium by 14%.

Vitamin B6, by 127%.

And the advantage of lentils contains a large proportion of zinc, niacin, and magnesium.

The health benefits of lentils

1. Promote heart health

Lentils contain a large percentage of folate, potassium and dietary fiber, and thus it improves heart health, as fiber reduces harmful cholesterol and the chances of developing heart disease, and is considered an alternative to meat as it is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals, in addition to its ability to reduce pressure High blood thanks to calcium, potassium and magnesium.

3. Fight cancer

Because lentils contain selenium, it has the ability to relieve pain, reduce the growth of cancer cells, in addition to strengthening the immune system and strengthening cells that fight any diseases, and lentils also enhance liver function, rid the body of toxins and protect against rectal cancer.

4. Reducing fatigue and exhaustion

The constant feeling of fatigue and fatigue caused by a lack of iron in the body, due to not getting enough of it and thus an imbalance in energy production in the body occurs, and a cup of lentils contains 1/3 of the body’s need of iron.

5. Lentils for pregnant women

Lentils contain a large percentage of folic acid, which is known to have benefits in preventing birth defects, and it also reduces premature birth by 50 percent, so it is recommended to take 400 micrograms of folic acid on a daily basis.

6. Regulating digestion processes

Lentils improve digestion and reduce the incidence of constipation, and it also contributes to weight loss, gives you a feeling of satiety, and the fiber in it reduces the calories that are consumed on a daily basis.

Types of lentils

There are 4 types of lentils:

Yellow lentils: Lentil soup is made from it, which contains nutritional benefits for the body, and yellow koshary is made from “Alexandrian”.

Brown lentils: This type is used in the manufacture of koshari.

Green lentils: Its flavor is more like nuts and this type remains solid after cooking and is often used in salads.

Black lentils: This type is more like caviar, especially when cooked.

In the end, we conclude that lentils are a vegetarian protein alternative to meat, if you have any questions about the nutritional value of lentils, share it with us through the comments.