The most important reason behind the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes


Have you asked yourself about the reason that stimulates the appearance of wrinkles around your eyes, even though you are not old? Here are the most important reasons that make your eyes look tired and older than their real age.

There are two different types of wrinkles, those that appear under the eyes, and those that appear around the eyes, which are also known as crow’s feet, and there are many reasons for the early development and emergence of these wrinkles, and the surprising thing is that they develop without us feeling them, so it is better to work to prevent them Before it appears.

The sun’s rays are the biggest contributor to the appearance of eye wrinkles, and in fact this factor cannot be avoided, regardless of your age, you can start using sunscreen to banish and slow wrinkles and stop the existing wrinkles from developing for the worse. If you do not use sunglasses, you are most likely trying to close your eyes by pulling them to prevent the sun from entering directly into your eyes, and this process causes the beginning of the appearance of fine lines around the sun.

Remember that wearing sunglasses on sunny and not so sunny days means less exposure to the elements and more relaxation of the muscles around the eyes.

Among other reasons ..

Another reason for the appearance of eye wrinkles is dry skin. If your skin is dry, you should consider using a cream for wrinkles around the eye that contains antioxidants.

Stress also contributes to the appearance of wrinkles. Stress may be caused by smoking, lack of sleep, short periods of sleep or a fast lifestyle.

The diet also plays a role in wrinkles, studies have shown and confirmed that eating sugar is very harmful to health, especially for the waist circumference, as it causes dullness of the skin, and the appearance of early wrinkles, this is because sugar destroys collagen, the main substance in the skin, if you want to reduce this Wrinkles One small spoonful of sugar is enough for the day.

And let’s not forget the aging process, which contributes to the appearance of laugh lines and crow’s feet around the eyes. With age, the skin becomes less cohesive and collagen breaks down, and you can maintain the cohesion of the skin by using a high-quality cream for the eye contour.