Mistakes .. do not commit against your skin in order to be the most beautiful


Two experts do not differ on the importance of wearing a sunscreen cream, as it is responsible for wrinkles and early lines .. And the lamps that we use in homes have rays equivalent to the influence of the sun, so exposure to these lamps for a period of 15-30 minutes is equivalent to exposure to the sun for a whole day ???

Don’t over exfoliate:

Removing dead cells is the key to radiance and glow, but it may become addictive, leading to removal of the protective layer, which leads to skin irritation, acne and sensitivity, as the signal should be only once a week.

Do not frown or frown:

Frowning and frowning lead to the emergence of expressive lines and wrinkles that do not know a certain age.

Do not sleep with makeup:

This leads to blocking of the pores and suffocation of the skin, so the night time is an opportunity to nourish the skin because it becomes more receptive to treatment and nutrition.

Do not over-clean:

The frequent use of lotions and even natural masks gives the opposite result, making the skin easily irritated and uncomfortable, so it leaves the mask – although it is the main cause of the problem.

Do not abuse products:

There are many products … not for diversification, but to cover all needs, and each of them is intended to take care of a part, so it is not suitable for mixing with some or using it on a part that is not intended for it and the worst is what is common for applying moisturizer to the area under the eyes, which leads to swelling and circles, and we return to the mask and the proportions of the cream even though we are the reason because We did not respect the privacy of the formula.

Do not neglect your skin … never:

Consult .. Consult and consult when you reach the one that suits you, and do not take an excuse for negligence that you have tried it and it will not help, and remember a daily cleanser, refreshing and moisturizing with a weekly peeling and mask.

Do not squeeze the pills:

Squeezing it does not save us from it, on the contrary, it increases it because it is inflamed, and the polluted finger will contaminate the part of which there are no grains and increase it … The solution is to cover it with concealer or – this is from me – mixing a small spoonful of starch with the same flour and put on the grains, but until it dries, this will make it smaller and hide the redness.

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