The most important features of the attractive body in women

When it comes to the attractiveness of a woman and how she looks attractive to a man, there are many things that are discussed because they differ according to the way people look at you. We can infer from them the signs of an attractive body, and there is no doubt that many women are interested in having an attractive body. And attractive to a man.

Where many studies indicate that men and women care about the attractive body more than other qualities such as warmth and tenderness, the attractive body comes at the beginning for them. Therefore, we have collected all the information that helps you know the characteristics of an attractive body. The article may be long when reading, but it is very useful to help you choose your partner and determine the qualities that you need to enhance. There is no doubt that the most important thing in order to maintain your beauty is to drink more fluids, as it works to improve your beauty and maintain the health of the body. And in this article, we explain to you the functions of many parts of the body that have an irresistible attraction.

What is physical temptation?

There is no doubt that it is good to focus on your physical appearance, because not paying attention to your body shape leads to a lack of self-confidence, for example, working on taking care of the skin and treating its problems increases your self-confidence a lot. And you should bear in mind that men tend to love and women who seem attractive in general. And there is no need to be embarrassed about your appearance. Every woman has a certain temptation area in her body, and this is what we will talk about in detail in the next lines.

In the first place, a woman must maintain her health, because an attractive body is of no value without maintaining your health. And that by exercising constantly and eating a healthy diet helps in toning the body. In general, when you follow a healthy lifestyle, it leads to an improvement in mood, longevity, increased energy levels, willpower, and a good brain function.

For example, regardless of the color of your skin, the skin of healthy people looks completely different due to eating a large amount of vitamins and minerals, good nutritional habits and a high level of oxygen in the blood through regular exercise and also having a healthy amount Of melanin makes the skin look more red and glowing skin. And other studies have proven that getting rid of acne may take a long time, but it gives very good results.

Some women may resort to other methods such as applying make-up to the face as a step to increase the attractiveness of the face. We will talk later about the seductive qualities in the woman’s body in detail to challenge her and employ her well and achieve physical fitness

First, the female body and its ideal weight:

First, let’s take a look at the body types of the vast majority of women, which are as follows:

If you are one of those women who suffer from obesity or like those who seem to be starving, and you think that these body types are unattractive, on the contrary, these bodies are attractive but unhealthy.

And the funny thing that happens with the majority of people is that you find some women have a small and normal appetite, have lean bones, eat a lot of nutritious foods, do a lot of exercise that makes them look smaller like yoga or jogging,,, etc. And with all that these Women do not enjoy strength or grace.

While others eat a lot of food for several hours and do not exercise much, but they appear to be in good health.

And also you may find some women suffer from lifting because they do not eat healthy and sufficient quantities of food for muscle growth, and of course this leads to muscle weakness.

There are also people who suffer from obesity, although they do not eat more food, and this may be due to many other health problems that lead to excess weight, such as heart disease, diabetes.

It is clear from this that the external judgments that we are accustomed to making just by seeing the shape of the body do not seem correct. The old proverbs say that women who have achieved an average level of health live to the age of 80, and those who enjoy a high level of health live to the age of 120.

You should try to do your best to improve the size and shape of the body, and this may depend on your body type and skeleton, and of course women should try to build strong and toned muscles in order to enjoy fitness and body curves like the figure in the picture on the right.

If you have a strong and curvy body, you need to lose a little fat in order to maintain the fitness of your body, such as the figure in the far left image.

But if you have strong and toned muscles, you look great, so try to do your best to reach the middle shape in the picture. This is the choice of the man, as this body has wonderful and irresistible qualities.

There is no doubt that many men prefer to look at women who seem to have an ideal body, health and ability. Therefore, you should try to search for the best ways to help you maintain an ideal weight and appropriate body length to enjoy a vibrant body. Many women may resort to the media to choose the best clothes on the latest fashion as one of the ways to make them look more beautiful in the eyes of men. Choosing clothes, taking into account the shape of the body and clothes that make it appear attractive.

Some women may not think that they should have a few muscles in order to work on defining the shape of the body and the body looks more healthy and natural. Even fashion models may be interested in muscle toning, and of course it is not like the sport of bodybuilding that men practice. This is because women may suffer from psychological problems and eating disorders, and exercise improves their mental and physical health.

In addition, you should devote more time and energy to practicing your favorite hobbies and sports that help you reach a healthy and ideal weight. And you should be aware that some men love a woman who has a strong and healthy body, and that only comes with knowing the average healthy body weight.

Therefore, we must talk to you about the “healthy average body weight.” If you do not eat the beneficial nutrients and do not exercise, do not wait to reach a healthy and ideal weight, because you must eat healthy food and exercise that helps you to obtain a healthy weight.

Many women are really obsessed with their bodies and are always looking for a lively, energetic, strong and fast body in order to avoid diseases resulting from malnutrition. We show you the indicators and signs of a healthy body and specifications of the average level of health in the following picture:

With this, a woman must maintain her health and ideal weight by following a set of tips for practicing a healthy diet. You can take a look at the set of tips mentioned below:

Healthy diet tips:

  • Your main meals should contain starchy foods such as bread, potatoes, pasta, rice, whole grains because the fiber and vitamins contained within them make you enjoy healthy skin.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables: You can choose a variety of fruits and vegetables because they contain different combinations of vitamins and minerals that are essential for your health. Avoid eating frozen and canned juices. Try eating vegetables like broccoli, zucchini, and carrots, and eating homemade tomato sauce.
  • Eat more fish at least once a week, especially oily fish because it is one of the important sources of vitamin D, which is beneficial for bone health, such as salmon, fresh tuna, sardines, mackerel and salmon.
  • Reduce sugars and saturated fats:
  • Although we need a little body fat to provide the essential fatty acids needed to absorb soluble vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin B, and vitamin K, too much fat leads to weight gain. You can get unsaturated fat by eating Nuts and zinnia fish.
  • Reducing sugars, because their excess leads to the risk of tooth decay and the addition of extra calories that lead to weight gain.

Get the ideal weight:

Through the physical activity that you do, many studies have recommended 150 minutes of exercise for individuals between the ages of 19-69 years. To train the muscles well, such as cycling, walking, swimming, running or other activities such as weightlifting.

All of the above will help you, my lady, in obtaining an ideal and healthy weight, and highlighting the body in an attractive and very attractive way. And that is through more focus on the right food habits and getting rid of wrong habits such as irregular meals, random eating and eating more snacks.

You should try to create a distinctive look in order not to underestimate the value of the visual texture. So, look to reach a healthy average body weight, and that does not require you to exercise six times a week, to live on eating only broccoli and chicken, but to follow a healthy eating pattern, as we mentioned, just make a few sacrifices and struggle to reach a healthy physique.

Here are the common features of a seductive body:

Ideal waist for hip size:

When boys and girls are born, the body shape of each of them becomes like a bean, but once they reach puberty, physical changes occur for each of them.

Men who have a high level of testosterone have large shoulders, flat stomachs, and small thighs. In general, men have signs of mental and physical health related to muscles, hormones, and fats.

The same story for women, but with a difference. Here the female hormone is the dominant “estrogen.” When you have a good level of estrogen, you are an hourglass body, which is the ideal and attractive body and is characterized by broad shoulders, slim waist and strong thighs, and when you have a level Healthy fats have a healthy bone structure.

Some women may suffer from storing fat on the upper thighs or storing fat in the stomach, and others may suffer from the accumulation of muscles in the lower back and maintaining the size of the thighs that does not change. And there is no doubt that you can get the size of curved and strong thighs by going to the gym. Often the reason behind storing fat in certain places in the body is genetic traits.

And as you can see in the picture, the figure on the far left, and she was suffering from excess weight, but after several months passed and a little fat was lost, and the muscles began to appear as in the picture on the right.

On the other hand, we may find that some women do not have buttocks and this results from genetic traits or poor nutrition, but this problem can be treated by practicing weight-lifting and jogging exercises, in addition to increasing food intake and following a healthy diet.

Anyway, what is the ideal waist circumference for the hips?

As we mentioned, measuring the waist circumference in relation to the buttocks helps determine the location of fat in the body and determine if you are susceptible to various health problems. For example, if fat is stored in the abdominal area, then you are exposed to various diseases such as diabetes and heart, and the ideal rate is 0.7 The percentage may vary slightly from one culture to another.

How to measure waist circumference with ease:

Determining the waist well, which is the area located above the pelvic bones, meaning the end of the thigh bones, wrap the measuring tape around it while avoiding holding the breath or suctioning the abdomen to get the correct measurement. When you do these steps, you can get the correct measurement number.

Some women may find that they are at a very healthy weight and yet do not have an ideal waist circumference in relation to their hips. It is also possible to find that you are overweight or underweight and find that the average waist circumference is ideal for the buttocks. And some studies indicate that the wide buttocks and the slender waist is an ideal body. Also, if you have a healthy weight and a slim waist, this is an ideal body.

The ideal body fat percentage for a woman:

Fat in the body of women is not a bad thing, and this does not mean that I am telling you that being overweight is healthy (obesity). All I mean is that there is a healthy percentage of fat that a woman can enjoy, and it is one of the factors of attraction and temptation. Usually women are more likely to gain fat than men because the level of the male hormone (testosterone) is high, which reduces fat storage in the face and body. Similarly, healthy men have a lower percentage of the hormone estrogen, and therefore no fat is stored in the chest or buttocks. For men, the healthy percentage is 8-18% fat throughout the year.

But when it comes to fat in women, the matter is very different. Women have more facial fat because they suffer from low testosterone levels and have more fat in the buttocks and breasts due to the high percentage of estrogen, progesterone and estradiol.

The percentage of fat may vary according to age, but the researchers agreed on a set of guidelines:

  • Those who are underweight: 14%.
  • Those who are physically fit: 18% (slim body).
  • Rolled body: 19%.
  • Toned muscles: 20%.
  • Sculpted body: 24%.

All you need to reach these percentages is to eat healthy food to maintain a healthy body. According to reports, about 20-30% of women are prone to becoming obese. Therefore, it is always recommended to follow a healthy diet to maintain a healthy fat percentage.

Conclusion, to achieve maximum attractiveness, a woman should have a slight increase in fat in different places such as the breasts or buttocks. But if you have an increase in weight that leads to an increase in the waist circumference, and this reduces your attractiveness, so try to lose weight because it is the best way to reach a smaller waist circumference.

What is the amount of attractive muscle?

There is a difference in opinions about the attractiveness of the muscular system in women. Some studies have mentioned that men prefer strong women, while others see the attractiveness of women lies in their strength, and we support the opinion that men prefer strong women, because women become lighter because of muscle exercises. Which increases endurance and efficiency and improves lung and heart work. In addition, the sculpted muscles are signs of attraction and temptation in men.

Thus, muscle exercises not only have gravity, but are also healthy, as they maintain the health of the heart and blood vessels and not overeating, and thus lead to avoiding unhealthy weight gain and getting more glowing skin in addition to other things such as strength and speed.

It is known that building muscle requires a lot of nutrients. In order to build muscle mass, you need to eat certain foods that increase muscle strength and do not expose you to obesity. It is the perfect solution to appear with a graceful and more feminine body.

You also need to increase the density of the bones and shoulders.

Perhaps this is surprising, but it is necessary to build muscle mass and is the practice of strenuous physical activities such as lifting weights or jogging. This increases growth, improves brain function, and increases the brain’s ability to respond to future challenges. In addition, lifting weights leads to an increase in the ability to focus, improve memory, increase the ability to learn, improve mood, reduce chances of depression and improve energy levels because it improves blood flow to the brain.

Attractive butt:

The most exciting areas of the female are the buttocks and thighs. According to studies, the man’s instinct pays attention to it directly, and that more than 60% of men are more attracted to the back of a woman than the breasts.

And here we are interested in the buttocks as one of the feminine elements as it works to achieve the balance of the body because it is a good center of gravity. And when exercising, it improves the fat storage process in the buttocks and appears in an attractive way. The woman is distinguished from the man by the fact that the nature of her body stores fat in different places and is a good indicator of femininity and good health. Some girls may be really lucky because they have big thighs, butt and small waist due to genetic factors, while others need to build an attractive butt.

There is also a study that says that women who have strong thighs, this indicates that they do sports, because women naturally are distinguished from men in this region, because athletic women are strong and get better thighs than men, which allows them to have more movement and strength. Experts advise women to do different squatting exercises because they are useful in building strong thighs.

And as you can see in the figure on the left, it is the butt that men are attracted to, so do not hesitate to reach the attractive butt in different ways, whether through exercise or weight gain. Because it has many benefits and advantages in establishing an intimate relationship.

Some women may face a problem because of their genetics, because they have a thin body, which leads to an unattractive butt, but with smarter ways, exercises and proper nutrition, you can reach an attractive butt.

the breast :

Often women do not pay much attention to this area, but you should know, my lady, that a man looks at the breasts before he looks at your face, so you should try to show your breasts in an attractive and attractive way, even if the breasts are not large. There are many ways that you can achieve this.

According to the researchers, a man is looking for breast beauty regardless of its size, meaning that if you have a large breast size, a man will like it, and if you have a small breast size, a man will like it. The main thing here is that the breasts should be attractive and attractive.

Here are some interesting facts about breast beauty:

Men are weaker in front of big breasts, because men are attracted to women whose breast fat is stored.

Men get hungry in front of bigger breasts, so if you have a dinner date with your husband, it’s best to wear a push up bra.

The breast is one of the important areas of sexual temptation in the eyes of men.

After all, you should try to reach attractive and sexy breasts through different methods, whether it is through exercise that works to raise, tighten and enlarge the breast, or foods useful for breast enlargement, such as the fenugreek. And if you have a small breast size, using simple visual effects such as a push up bra gives a bigger look to it.

body body:

As you can see in cartoons and romantic movies, men fight for the heart of a woman who has a perfect body figure. And if your body isn’t balanced, that’s really bad. Many women suffer from the problem of asymmetry of the parts of the body together, and the most common of these problems is the tendency of the body to the front, which may be due to the weakness of the thighs.

And this picture shows you that the owner was suffering from overweight, which led to an uncomfortable body shape, but after 10 days she lost about 5 kilograms to restore the body’s balance.

The following picture shows the different features of the body. There is the body that takes a straight posture and is raised in a good way, and there is also another posture, which is the shoulders leaning forward a little, which may not give a good shape. Learn about their characteristics:

Usually one of the hips tilts forward from the other side, which leads to a tilt of the shoulders, as if one shoulder is higher than the other, and also leads to the breasts appearing smaller and the lower back appear larger.

There are a set of tips that you can adhere to and modify this position, and most of them depend on your psychological state. For example, when the feeling of self-confidence, happiness and joy increases, it helps in adjusting the body’s body and standing steadily. And you should let go of all the wrong things like lack of self-confidence, shyness, discomfort and you should build good impressions inside of you.

In addition, there are other tips related to your health that help you appear in the perfect body, such as breathing well because it makes you more calm and relaxed. And here’s the good news, when your body is perfect, it releases hormones that lead to positive changes in your life, such as improving mood and happiness.

You can achieve this by doing exercises that help improve the lower part of the body and its coordination with the upper part of your body, such as lifting weights or running, but correctly and avoiding any stress on the lower back and not causing muscle tearing or ankle sprain during practice So as not to harm your health.

And avoid sticking to a specific routine and usual daily activities because it may lead to flabbiness and muscle atrophy.

Conclusion :

You should be aware that the nature of any woman’s body is attractive and you should try to make the most of it to reach attractiveness and fitness. Every woman enjoys attractiveness, vitality, strength and beauty. But intelligence is to use everything in its place to become more attractive, as this improves her mental abilities as well. When you feel tired as a result of the flu, convulsions, or feeling hungry, etc., it affects your behavior on the contrary. When you enjoy good internal and external health, it affects your behavior positively. Likewise, physical fitness helps you increase confidence, calmness, energy and willpower. .

And this does not require you more time and effort, but it is very simple to follow a healthy lifestyle, eat useful foods, be careful not to gain weight and do the above-mentioned things correctly.

And if you have children, it will become easier because you can take out your energy with them and always enjoy the activity, and this adds to you more focus at work and the desire to help others. We conclude the matter with two basic tips, which are as follows:

First: Exercising three hours a day, such as strength training exercises, heart health exercises to improve heart rate, in addition to constantly going up and down the stairs.

Second: You do not need to pay more money for different dieting regimes, you just need to focus on useful and nutritious foods for the body and follow a healthy and balanced diet.