The most important benefits of charcoal soap for oily skin


Benefits of charcoal soap, if you are looking for an effective and guaranteed antiseptic soap experts advise the use of charcoal soap, which is one of the latest and most famous skin care products and the body in general, because it provides natural formulations that help moisturize the skin and treat the problems it suffers, which made it get a wide spread in

About coal soap

Charcoal soap is available in the markets as the best cosmetic and skin care products of interest to many people around the world, especially it is one of the most types of soap spread around the world and its origin is due to the charcoal from which it is extracted, which has proven its effectiveness in cleansing and cleaning the skin effectively and distinguished, in order to get rid of impurities in addition to

– Soap gets rid of the most problems that suffer from the skin, whether young pills or damage caused by exposure to pollutants and harmful sunlight, which need careful care to keep them from those contaminants, also helps this soap in getting rid of dead skin and maintain smooth skin and treat it from irritation significantly, while protecting it from all external factors, especially after the reduction of pores

– This soap is characterized by natural ingredients derived from brown sugar, black bean, black garlic, white clay and other natural compounds that help absorb impurities from the skin, exfoliate dead skin cells and keep the skin light and fresh.

Benefits of coal soap

Many of the benefits and importance of using that soap, which helps in getting rid of skin problems, especially fatty to absorb the oils and fats accumulated in the skin, especially during the summer period, with its importance in narrowing the pores of the open skin and preventing the accumulation of impurities and dirt, also includes this soap many technical benefits that help:

The benefits of soap and coal, it is used in cleaning the skin with get rid of dirt and impurities that are found in the skin, resulting from sun exposure, pollutants and external factors, especially with the bad weather, in addition to its role in the treatment of bedsores and infections affecting the skin.

One of the most important benefits of charcoal soap is also that it treats the effects of acne, especially pimples, which are widespread in the skin, especially in the face area, which suffers from oily skin more, with its distinctive role in cleaning and cleansing the body,with its distinctive role in narrowing the pores of the skin to prevent the accumulation of

Soap helps get rid of dead skin cells, while helping exfoliate the skin and increasing the chance of lightening the skin, with the soap cycle restoring its original color.

Used soap to get rid of melasma darker areas and affecting a lot of people as a result of natural factors or harmful sun exposure for long periods especially in the summer, with the use of cosmetics unsuitable for the skin.

One of the benefits of charcoal soap is that it also helps to get rid of wounds, scars and many traces and signs accumulated on the skin, to work on healing those scars and wounds, especially because of the vital substances that help to nourish the skin and work to moisturize it to maintain its freshness and hydration while increasing its beauty.

How to use coal soap

After we finished talking about the benefits of charcoal soap, we would like to say that cosmetologists and those interested in skin care advise the need to use charcoal soap, in the ideal way that helps to get the effective result that helps in lightening the skin and maintaining its beauty and freshness, and the method of use depends as follows

The person uses water to moisten the hands, placing soap in the hands to rub it well until it has a foam, which appears in the form of small fine granules.

This foam is applied to the skin, especially the face to be cleansed and cleansed, with attention to the process of massaging the place using the hands in a circular motion that lasts for a number of seconds.

A person washes the skin with lukewarm and then cold water, and the skin is well dried.

Experts advise using soap repeatedly daily to get the effective result that a person desires for a clean, well cleansed and gorgeous face.

Benefits of coal soap for acne

Many people, especially those with oily skin, suffer from the accumulation of oils and fats in the skin, with impurities and dirt accumulated in the skin, which results in the appearance of unwanted youth pills, with the effects resulting from them, therefore it is recommended to use charcoal soap in order to clean and disinfect the skin well and treat those effects: –


300 grams of coconut oil.

200 g olive oil.

200 grams of palm oil.

150 grams of grape seed oil.

449 grams of bicarbonate soda lotion.

10 grams of eucalyptus essential oil.

Two tablespoons of natural black coal.

17 grams of peppermint essential oil.

Method of use

The oils are placed together in a bowl, to be placed in a bowl containing hot water which helps in dissolving all the oils integrally, also works to homogenize the oils to become a single mixture, leave this mixture until it cools and add sodium bicarbonate lotion, the ingredients are mixed together well until a cohesive dough is formed.

Black charcoal is added with that Paste and liquid oils are added with it and the line is well done until the mixture becomes homogeneous, it is placed in the form of squares in the ice mold.

It is kept in the freezer for a full day or two, after which the cubes are used to clean the face well in order to get rid of acne, which helps to get rid of the acne in a month with a guaranteed result, and get rid of all the effects resulting from them.

Important guidelines for taking advantage of the benefits of charcoal soap

Many experts who describe the use of charcoal soap in cleaning, disinfecting and lightening the skin advise users if they are exposed to any of the side effects resulting from the use of charcoal soap through the appearance of redness in the skin or the occurrence of a rash on the skin, and may extend to the feeling of pain in the skin with redness in the face, warns the use of this soap users should stop using it, with the need to consult a doctor in case of increased symptoms that appear as a result of

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