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Natural toner for oily skin DIY at home - Care Beauty

Natural toner for oily skin DIY at home


A natural toner for oily skin, toner or astringent that is in the form of a light liquid, which is applied to the skin to remove what are known as substances that cause skin irritation, especially oily skin on which oils and fats accumulate, and it also unifies the color of the skin and removes stains from it, so we will present to you Best natural toner for oily skin in freshness.

Natural toner for oily skin

Usually, there are common ingredients that are included in Nquin, any natural toner for oily skin, that prevents allergies that can affect the skin, and it also works to reduce the pimples and pimples that may form on the skin, as a result of its greasiness. Among the most important of those components usually: –

Lactic acid.

Salicylic acid.

Liquid glycerin.

Concentrated rose water.

Glycolic acid.

Witch hazel.

In addition to these ingredients, a natural toner can be used for oily skin, using 100% household ingredients, as it will help you, as previously mentioned, to reduce the secretion of sebum from the face and dirt oils that accumulate on the skin, and through this topic you will get to know the best natural toner for oily skin, Using the least means and at home.

Natural green tea toner

Green tea contains a set of natural anti-inflammatory properties that may affect the skin, and it also reduces the chances of acne. Tea tree oil or lavender oil on it.

the ingredients

Only a quarter cup of soaked green tea.

A quarter cup of apple cider vinegar.

A few drops of tea tree oil.

A few drops of lavender oil.

How to use

After you have soaked the green tea bags in boiling water, pour the resulting solution into a bowl.

Add the prepared amount of apple cider vinegar to this solution and stir well together.

Bring a piece of white cotton and dip it in this mixture, then wipe the whole face, and do not wash it with water after that.

You can use this toner several times a day, from 2 to 3 times

Peppermint toner

Mint toner is the most important natural toner for oily skin, as it is used as a moisturizer, softener, cleanser and exfoliator at the same time, so you can use a mint toner in your home to get rid of all the dirt stuck on the face after returning from outside.

the ingredients

Six cups of water.

A number of mint leaves.

A small piece of cotton.

How to use

Boil the water, then add mint leaves with it while you keep the water hot.

Leave the resulting solution to cool.

Dip the cotton swab in the solution well, wipe it on your face and leave it without washing it, and repeat the process several times a day, because this mixture is considered by experts as the richest natural toner for oily skin.

One of the most important general benefits of any natural toner for oily skin

Natural toner helps refresh the skin, especially in summer, and if you are exposed to sunlight and heat for a long time

Works to restore balance to oily skin, especially after using soap to wash it.

Toner permanently removes dead skin cells and the scale that may accumulate on the skin due to excessive secretion of sebum and oils.

It is used as a good make-up remover without clogging facial pores or making make-up reach skin layers.