The Most Effective Mask Against Hair Loss and Dandruff

The Most Effective Mask Against Hair Loss and Dandruff





1 Onion


1 dessertspoon of honey


Preparation and application:


Peel the onion skins, wash the onion and puree it by passing it through a blender.


Sieve the pureed onion to extract its juice. You can throw away the pulp as we will not use it in the mask.


Add honey to the onion juice and mix well with a wooden spoon.

Apply the mixture to your scalp.


Wait 25 minutes.


Shampoo and wash with plenty of lukewarm water.


Dry with a towel.




Apply this mask once a day for 2 months at regular intervals. If you have the opportunity to apply it, it would be more appropriate to do it twice a day.


For those who are uncomfortable with the smell of onions; You can choose an essential oil (such as peppermint oil, tea tree oil, lemon oil, lavender oil, chamomile oil, oregano oil) that you like and use it by adding it to the mask content.

This mask, which makes your hair fall out quickly, has many effects on the hair:


By preventing hair loss, new hair replaces sparse hair, making it thicker.


Thanks to the sulfur contained in the onion, your dandruff problem will disappear.


With this mask, which you can easily prepare at home, you will have more lively and shiny hair.

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