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Bad habits that hinder weight loss.. Avoid them

Starting a diet to lose weight is a tiring and tiring journey, and when you get old, it is certainly difficult, and this may be due to deprivation, and diet mistakes that people make; Therefore, the errors of this system must be eliminated.

In the following, we reveal the things that hinder weight loss when following some diets:

Follow a food plan on your own

When deciding to change your life and follow a diet, you can share your mission with your close friends and family, and this will help you provide support and pursue goals, and a study revealed that people who have a partner in weight loss, lose belly fat significantly, more than those who are trying to lose weight alone .


Marketing Claims Confirmed

Some products advertise that they are sugar-free, or full of vitamins and minerals, and unfortunately these marketing claims can hinder weight loss.


Eating while watching TV

Experts have revealed that the mind’s distraction with other things while eating, such as: watching TV, and listening to loud music, can prevent some of the satiety signals from alerting the mind to feeling full; As a result, more calories than the body needs are consumed and stored as fat.


skip meals

Although skipping meals may seem like a good way to eat less, it is more likely to cause you to eat more later.


Lack of exercise

New research has revealed that weight loss programs that include routine exercise are more effective at losing weight and improving health than diets without exercise, and experts recommend a routine that includes aerobic and strength training.

Rely on exercise only

Movement is not the only thing that helps you lose weight. A 2012 review published in Obesity Reviews revealed that people tend to overestimate the number of calories they burn when exercising.


Not interested in drinks

Processed juices, sodas, and sweetened teas are full of calories and can add weight in the waist area

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