The most common diseases in children

Diseases have spread recently, especially those that affect children as a result of neglect and pollution. Every mother and father must search a lot for the most common diseases in order to protect their children from them before they occur. These are some of the diseases:


Children’s castles


An injury that occurs in and around a child’s mouth. Normally, it is harmless to a degree, but it may increase and cause infection. It is transmitted by kissing, embracing the child, breastfeeding, and bathing. It can also be transmitted by bottle and soother.


Children’s thrush occurs in the form of thick white spots on the gums, tongue, inside of the cheeks, and roof of the mouth, and may cause pain for the child while eating.


Treatment of children’s thrush


The baby will need antifungal treatment and a cream applied to the mother’s nipple. Wash the tools well, and if it persists, you must abandon the bottle and soother.


Fungus in the diaper area


It is transmitted through a warm, wet diaper, and this is a suitable place for fungi to grow. It may be transmitted through the mouth until it reaches the stool.


Symptoms: slight redness and inflammation.


Treatment: antifungal cream.




A very common virus that occurs mostly in warm weather. It is transmitted through saliva, runny nose, and coughing.


Symptoms: After a slight runny nose and cough for several days, red spots appear on the chest, arm, face and neck.


The only treatment is for the child to rest, and the doctor may prescribe some medications and creams for him.


Respiratory syncytial virus


A virus that infects the respiratory system and causes bronchitis and pneumonia. It is transmitted through sneezing and itching.


Symptoms: cough, runny nose, high temperature, and loss of appetite. Help should be sought immediately if the cough persists and breathing is rapid.


Treatment: Starts with fluids and heat treatments. Serious cases may require hospitalization.

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