The importance of walking with bare feet

We advise you to allocate a little time to walking barefoot due to the health benefits that German sports expert Zabineh Kind supports.


The importance of walking with bare feet


Foot warmers:

With the approaching winter season in which many women suffer from feeling cold feet, it is possible to walk without wearing shoes at home to enjoy the warmth of the feet resulting from optimal blood flow in the body. Walking without wearing shoes also helps protect against the formation of fungi on the skin of the feet, which is what irritates. Lots of women.



Walking without wearing shoes helps to relax, which is why many psychiatrists advise people with stress to walk barefoot to avoid annoying anxiety and stress. Therefore, set a daily time to walk without wearing shoes at home or in the garden, while being careful not to get any injuries.


body muscles :

German sports expert Zabineh Kind said that walking with bare feet helps activate the muscles of the feet, legs, and back, which helps enhance the body’s activity and balance in cases of potential falls. Therefore, make sure to allocate some time to walk barefoot inside your home to enjoy an ideal balance that prevents potential falls. Cases of default.


Stimulate blood circulation :

Pressing barefoot on the sole of the foot helps pump blood towards the heart, which means stimulating blood circulation in the body, which causes protection from the dangers of varicose veins and varicose veins. If you want to be protected from these dangers, walk barefoot at home for a few minutes.

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