The five best natural foodstuffs

1. Broccoli (cauliflower or green cauliflower):

Some experts consider it the best food ever, for the following reasons: It contains the natural antioxidant chemical sulforaphane. Broccoli is a powerful stimulant of enzymes that expel toxins, reduces the risk of cancer, and helps produce enzymes that protect blood vessels in the body and reduce the risk of heart disease. It contains glucoraphanin, which enhances the body’s immunity against cancer. It is characterized by its low calories, as one cup of cooked broccoli contains about 40 calories.


Broccoli provides the body with large amounts of vitamins C, vitamin A, and vitamin K, in addition to folic acid. It contains a high amount of potassium, which helps improve the health of the human nervous system. It is also the ideal food to enhance brain function.


• How to prepare and cook it:

It is preferable to buy fresh types, wash them with salt water, and then rinse them with cold water. It is preferable to cook it with steam for a short period so that it does not lose its beneficial substances. It is preferable to eat three meals a week.


2. Dandelion plant (also called taraxacum, tarragon, or lion’s tooth plant):

Dandelion herbs have many medicinal benefits and a tremendous ability to heal gallbladder diseases and liver infections due to the presence of the beneficial substance “taraxacan”, in addition to its contribution to reducing the incidence of urinary diseases, lowering blood pressure, and treating low blood sugar levels. These herbs are bitter and are best taken by cooking and drinking their liquids, such as with tea.


3. Coconut:

Coconut oils are beneficial saturated fats, which contain large amounts of fatty acids. Coconut makes metabolism work well, in addition to being a low-calorie fat.


Coconut is also useful in treating skin diseases and infections. It contains high dietary fiber and improves insulin secretion and the use of glucose in the blood. It contributes to anti-aging. It strengthens the body’s immunity and fights cancer.


4. Nettle plant (or nettle plant):

They are herbaceous plants with fine thorns. They are used as medicinal herbs against anemia and hemorrhoids, calm nerves and skin diseases, and strengthen joint function. It is also used to treat internal bleeding, ulcers, and digestive system diseases.


• How to use and take it:

Special ointments are made from the plant, and it can be eaten by drinking its juice, mixing it with vegetables, or by cooking its seeds.


5. Natural vegetables:

Natural vegetables are essential and indispensable food components, as they contain various vitamins. It contributes to reducing the incidence of heart and digestive diseases.

It is recommended to eat it several times a week, and it is preferable to eat only fresh, natural vegetables

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