Almond Milk? Cow’s Milk?

You know how many varieties you’ve come across recently when you’ve been touring the grocery store’s milk store, right? Some argue that cow’s milk should not be given up, while others favor switching to different milk. Almond milk, which has entered our lives rapidly, is at the corner of this discussion. So what milk should we consume? How should we make our choice? Here are a few facts to help you when choosing milk.


The Battle of Almond Vitamins with Cows


Being rich in B12, cow’s milk boosts your metabolism and increases your calorie burning speed. Almond milk, which is a source of vitamin E and contains vitamin D, acts as an anti-aging.


Cancer Fighters are here!

A 2011 study published in Nutrition and Cancer found that almond milk slowed the growth of cancerous cells by 30 percent. Unlike almond milk, which helps to protect against prostate cancer, cow milk has been shown to cause cancer cells to grow because of the higher level of estrogen in the cows’ supply with hormones. As you can easily consume almond milk, which is a shield against cancer Stubborn to Cancer Life Insurance with it you can guarantee yourself against possible cancer cases.


Values of Cow and Almond Milk


200 Ml of cow’s milk contains 30 percent calcium, 6.4 grams of protein, 7.2 grams of fat, while the same amount of almond milk has 30 percent calcium, 0.8 grams of protein, 2.2 grams of fat.


Negative Sides of Cow and Almond Milk


Of course, as with everything, both types of milk have negative aspects. Cow’s milk, which has high calories, is not very suitable for those with lactose sensitivity. The possibility of having antibiotics in cow’s milk, which is often talked about recently, also prints minus points to this household. When it comes to almond milk, it doesn’t seem to be much more expensive than cow milk. While the amount of sugar in it is high, the possibility of allergies, is among the negative sides of almond milk, many people do not accept almond milk as “sut” in real sense. Those with digestive problems prefer almond milk. Almond milk is more preferred compared to cow milk because it does not contain lactose.


Dieters May Turn to Almond Milk


The fat in cow’s milk can cause weight gain. Even if light products are preferred, the fat ratio of this milk is a barrier against those who have weight problems. Almond milk is the most used milk in diet lists.


Almond Milk Protects Blood Pressure

Due to the potassium in it, almond milk is very effective in maintaining blood pressure. Since it also contains no saturated fat, it can also be used in cholesterol and cardiovascular disorders










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