The Easiest Way To Lengthen Hair And Increase Its Density

How to lengthen hair and increase its density within a short and simple period of time is a matter of concern to a very large number of women, as long hair is one of the most important signs of beauty and young age that these girls and women are looking for in various countries of the world, and despite the presence of a large number of medical treatments responsible for Hair lengthening and thickening, but these substances may affect in a negative and harmful way and cause serious problems for the scalp. We start with the presentation of the mixtures, as they are among the most widespread, as there are natural materials that are used to make a face or hair mask, and these natural materials are very wonderful and effective.

Mixtures for hair care 

Natural hair extension mixtures, which are recommended by many specialized doctors, help in increasing hair density and growth and also preserving it from some diseases that need very long periods of time to be treated or even controlled, from the best mixture the following mixture is a mixture to soften and lengthen hair wonderfully .


  • A relatively large glass of cold water.
  • Also a big cup of white rice.

How to prepare 

  • At first, we wash the rice well with clean water, so that it is completely free of impurities or dirt stuck in it.
  • Then we put the cup of clean rice in a completely empty bowl, and then we put the cup of water on it and leave it for an appropriate and long period of time.
  • We filter the rice from the water and this is done by relying on the filter designated for that matter.
  • We work to put rice water in an empty and clean bottle and wash the hair from this water periodically and continuously, as it can be washed well with that water two or three times during the week.
  • Rice water contains many vitamins that work to prolong and maintain hair and also strengthen its roots, which is something that a huge number of men and women are looking for.
  • The result of using rice water on the hair appears within a very simple period, after only two or three months of continuing it.
  • Rice water helps, as confirmed by many specialists, to permanently prevent the hair loss problem that many people suffer from, and therefore this natural mixture is one of the basic elements that must be relied upon and maintained as well until the distinctive and different result appears.

How to maintain hair 

There are a number of recipes or steps that must be followed and followed in order to preserve the hair, which is one of the most important signs of beauty for a girl or woman, and therefore, distinctive hair recipes can be used and were used by many people.

  • It is necessary to stay away from the hair iron permanently, as this iron damages all hair follicles from the roots to the ends and affects them in a completely negative way.
  • In the case of the use of these irons for a long time must rely on masks of hair help protect the hair and moistened again until the hair back to its natural form and then easily cured.
  • Taking some vitamins and iron tablets leads to the preservation of hair and increases its growth and luster as well, and these tablets should not be taken except when the attending physician specifies that, so that these tablets do not affect the various organs and parts of the body.
  • It is very necessary to rely on natural oils completely and leave the harmful chemical oils that cause the skin to gather in different parts of the scalp and thus may lead to the gathering of small insects on it for very long periods of time.
  • It is necessary to rely on a shampoo specific to the type of hair, and this shampoo is determined by the specialist doctor

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