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The difference between hydrafacial and fractional - Care Beauty

The difference between hydrafacial and fractional


The difference between Hydra Facial and fractional technology

Became shouts of Cosmetology, and restore skin vitality and freshness of her wide, as many people resort to laser devices to check for signs of age, raised acne.

In order for the difference between Hydra Facial and fractional to be known, the Alet of their action and the benefits and harms of each of them must be recognized, since specialized doctors say that each type of skin has the appropriate therapeutic method.

Where there are some suits them the hydra facial, et al suits them, fractional resurfacing, in accordance with the pathological condition, blemishes of your skin, as both almost have the same features, but skin types differ, the types of defects and skin diseases also vary.

Doctors also differ among themselves in the preference of one method over the other, and doctors eventually resort to what suits the situation and the preferences of users, having learned about the features and disadvantages of each technique.

Hydra Facial

Hydra Facial is a medical treatment in the first place, it works to rebuild the skin anew, work deep cleaning of the skin and cleanse the pores, and also it helps in getting rid of excess skin, scars, where it depends on several steps, first cleaning the skin, then peeling, and then extracting blackheads, moisturizing the skin, to leave it pure, soft and supple.

Hydra Facial gives the skin antioxidants, which work to give the skin vitality and freshness, delay the signs of aging and aging, and Hydra Fishel works to eliminate brown spots, uniform skin tone and give it a distinctive aesthetic appearance.

Sessions hydraulic facial in specialized medical centers, by dermatologists and cosmetic specialists in that field, where doctors are advised not to expose the persons themselves at risk by such gas specializes in those treatments.

Features of Hydra Facial

HydraFacial is considered one of the modern treatments for the skin, which avoids the disadvantages of analogues of other treatments, various cosmetic means, and its features are:

Get instant results

Usually the skin needs several sessions, to start to improve and show signs of freshness, and to get rid of annoying blemishes and blemishes, but in the case of Hydra Facial treatment can get immediate and quick results, about thirty minutes after the start of the session, people can get excellent skin and very satisfactory results.

Many celebrities undergo Hydra Facial therapy and appear on the same day in front of the cameras with confidence, because they are sure that the results are amazing and fast.

Get fresh and vibrant skin

The skin after treatment with Hydra Facial looks fresh and glowing, it is healthy and looks younger than it really is, there is no room for pollution, no signs of old age, no traces of acne, and it is moist and vibrant.

Aesthetic and glowing appearance

One of the most important features of Hydra Facial is that it closes pores, improves annoying lines of skin, fights signs of aging, gives skin a smooth texture, eliminates blackheads and the face looks bright and shiny.

No pain during sessions

People often hesitate to do sessions for skin treatment or laser, for fear of burning and pain associated with the sessions, as for Hydra Fishel is completely different, there is no room for pain during the session, and no need for any fears, as it does not harm and never hurts, as the device is gentle on the skin.

Return to normal life after the session.

Users of Hydra Facial  technology can practice their normal life immediately after the sessions, as it does not mind being exposed to normal air humidity,or applying any cosmetics, it also does not affect the skin, and does not need a period of rest at home after the session, so it is an ideal solution for those who want to exercise

Side effects of Hydra Facial Sessions

Little does any harm from the use of Hydra Fishel technology except that it consists in:

Severe redness of the skin for owners of sensitive skin, may last several hours.

Some people may experience scars and wounds ranging in severity from simple to deep, but that is in the case of resorting to the lack of specialists and Doctors With experience in this field.

Sensitive skin owners often complain of severe swelling from the sessions, but it can be overcome by following the guidance of the specialist.

The cost of Hydra facial

The cost of Hydra Fishel ranges from 4,000 to 8,000 Saudi riyals, and in other Arab countries it may be slightly lower.

Fractional laser

Fractional laser is one of the modern techniques for the treatment of skin problems, where fractional, treat skin scars caused by acne, and also significantly treat skin pigmentation caused by skin exposure to the sun, it also fights wrinkles and signs of aging, and is sometimes used to get rid of signs of chloasma caused by pregnancy, and stretch marks.

Fractional Sessions do not last long in less than an hour, but can not be exposed to the sun after, with a feeling of slight sunburn pain for the skin, ending approximately 5 days after the session.

The results appear immediately after the sessions, are largely satisfactory, and with repeated sessions, the defects disappear, because collagen begins to regenerate in the face.

Benefits of using fractional laser

There are many benefits of fractional laser, being one of the new therapeutic trends, which tells the skin of a lot of symptoms, rejuvenate and freshness of the skin, the most important of these benefits

Fractional laser eliminates skin imperfections.

Effectively eliminates acne and their effects.

Contributes to the treatment of wrinkles and fights unwanted signs of aging.

Preserves the vitality of the skin, its activity.

Works to harmonize skin tone.

Exfoliates the skin, rid it of dead skin.

It treats fading, rejuvenates freshness and vitality.

Gives the skin a healthy and youthful appearance my.

It suits all age groups, making there a great off it from the elderly.

Rejuvenates the skin, leaving it soft and shiny.

Side effects of using fractional laser

There are a range of side effects associated with the work of franc laser which consists in:

The user has serious facial scars because they can sometimes be permanent.

Hyperpigmentation and pigmentation in the treated parts of the skin is the most common symptom, as frequent long-term laser use and repeated sessions can lead to unwanted signs[5].

Redness of the face, a common sign of laser use, is the redness and swelling of the face, which causes the skin to become swollen and red spots appear.

Acne, sometimes individuals develop acne as a result of laser use, which sometimes results in white scars that are later acne.

Itchy skin, individuals may feel itchy exacerbating swelling and pain.

A skin infection may occur, if the place where the sessions are done is not completely safe, well disinfected.

Sometimes very rarely, a fractional laser, may lead to a state of blepharoplasty, in which the inner part of the eye is exposed

Laser fractional cost

The prices of fractional laser vary from place to place, as well as from case to case, and the cost is controlled by the experience of the attending physician and the number of sessions but the prices in Saudi Arabia range from approximately 4500 to 8000 riyals, which is about the same as the cost of Hydra vishnal