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The difference between burgundy and wheatish skin - Care Beauty

The difference between burgundy and wheatish skin


It is important and necessary to know the degree of skin color, as knowing the color of the skin helps in many important matters such as choosing the right color of hair dyes, or choosing cosmetics suitable for the color of the skin, or challenging what suits the skin of clothing colors.

The reason for the difference in skin color

We will notice that there is a difference in the color of the skin between one person and another, there are people with white skin, and people with brown skin, in addition to people with wine and wheat skin.

What determines this color is the concentration of melamine in the skin, so the concentration of this substance, whether the concentration is high or the concentration is low, is what determines the color of the skin, whether it is darker or lighter or any degree.

Melamine is a substance produced by skin cells called melanocytes, and it is a protein that is synthesized inside those special cells that are found in a layer within the main layers of the skin.

Khmer skin

It is the skin that is between white and tan, and it is in the middle between the two shades.

And the hair color of those with this complexion tends to be brown, as it is also called brownish skin.

This type of skin is very sensitive to the sun and its rays, and it does not get the brown color easily.

Khmer skin is characterized by the advantage that it rarely changes color due to sunlight.

Wheaty skin

Wheaty skin is medium-white skin, close to light yellow, and is among the best skin colors.

Mostly, the skin may have freckles, and the skin is easily exposed to sunburn.

The skin can turn brown, but its transformation is very difficult.

How to find out skin color

There are many ways by which we can know the color of the skin, and as we mentioned that this is important to maintain a wonderful appearance when choosing makeup, clothes and hair dyes, as the wrong choices of clothes, make-up and accessories may cause the skin to appear pale or dull. Follows

1 – Note the wrist

To find out if the skin is warm or cold, this is done by exposing the blood vessels to the wrist under the sun’s rays, and if we notice that the color of the vessels is blue or purple, this means that the skin is cold, but if the color of the veins on the hand is green, this means that the skin is warm.

2- Sensitivity to the sun

The skin must be carefully observed about exposure to the sun and know how sensitive it is to the sun, if it is a sensitive type that may burn easily, then this skin is cold skin, but if the skin is not affected by the sun, it is warm skin.

3- Use a white paper

You can use a white paper by placing it next to the face and that is in front of the mirror, the color of the paper is compared to the color of the face, if the skin color appears yellow or slightly dark than the white paper, it is warm skin, but if the skin color appears blue, pink or red compared to the color of the paper Skin is cold.

4- Silver and gold

You can use a sheet of gold foil and another sheet of silver, either of the two papers is placed in front of the face, so if the face appears bright, the skin is warm, but when the silver aluminum leaves are placed in front of the face and the back is bright, this means that the skin is cold.

5- Hair and eyes color

The color of the hair and the eyes determines the degree of skin tone, for those with cold skin the color of hair is blond, brown or black, and the color of the eyes is blue, green, gray, or green.

As for those with warm skin, the hair color is black, red, or brown, and the color of the eyes is either hazel or brown.