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The best face mask before bed to repair cells - Care Beauty

The best face mask before bed to repair cells


The skin needs special care and focused attention in order to maintain its freshness and youth, especially before bed, as the beauty of the skin is linked to a healthy sleep because body cells, including skin cells and skin, enter the stage of repairing and renewing themselves during sleep. Cells renew themselves, grow new cells, and replace tired old cells.

The concept of skin care is not limited to the use of moisturizing lotions and creams, but you can also benefit from the properties of wonderful natural ingredients that bear the best benefits for your skin. And to treat skin problems that you may face in the morning from paleness, fatigue, and dark circles to you, this wonderful face mask before bed to repair and regenerate skin cells, a mask of honey and oats

This night mask works to exfoliate and cleanse the skin, get rid of impurities and unify its color.

You need to prepare the best face mask before bed to:

2 tablespoons of honey

2 tablespoons finely ground oatmeal.

Mix honey with oats until you get a smooth paste. Spread it on your skin after cleaning, and leave it on overnight.

Wash the mask in the morning with lukewarm water, with circular movements with fingertips. You will feel the freshness and freshness of your skin.

Apply this wonderful mask before bed and you will enjoy radiant and vibrant skin in the morning.