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A mixture of turmeric and Vaseline for the face - Care Beauty

A mixture of turmeric and Vaseline for the face


If you have dry and dark skin and want to turn it soft and fair, you are lucky to have come to this article! Where we will provide you with a wonderful mixture of turmeric and Vaseline for the face, which will give you an immediate and impressive result, here are the details!

Benefits of turmeric for the face

Whitening dark areas of the skin with the curcumin in it, and it can lighten under the armpits, or blackness under the eyes, or around the mouth, etc.

Give the skin a uniform color and get rid of pigmentation and dark spots caused by aging or the sun.

Get rid of acne and pimple traces with the exfoliating properties of turmeric

Get shiny and smooth skin.

Benefits of Vaseline for the face

Suitable for dry and very dry skin.

Deeply moisturizes and softens the skin.

It gives you a bright and supple complexion.

Helps lighten skin and remove blackheads.

Turmeric and Vaseline mixture for dry face

You need to

A tablespoon of turmeric powder

A tablespoon of Vaseline

A little rose water

Mix turmeric and Vaseline first until you get a coherent dough. If the dough is too thick, add a little rose water until you get the thickness you prefer.

Try to apply this recipe at night, spread the mixture on the skin of your face and neck in circular motions and leave it for 20 minutes.

Clean your skin well with natural soap and water.

Dry it with a clean, soft towel.

If you notice any traces of turmeric on the towel, re-clean or wipe your face with a cotton ball moistened with rose water or aloe vera gel.