The benefits of fruit peels are unexpected… discover them

Many benefits and many secrets lie in fruit peels, with unique therapeutic and aesthetic recipes We present to you a collection of simple and magical recipes inspired by the benefits of fruit peels. We hope you like them


Pomegranate peel


Pomegranate peel has many benefits for the digestive system, skin, and hair. We choose among them its aesthetic benefit for lightening the skin. We offer you the following recipe for lightening the skin.



A spoonful of ground pomegranate peel powder

A spoonful of ground yellow lentils

A spoonful of ground fenugreek

A pinch of salt

Two tablespoons of natural honey


How to prepare

Mix all ingredients together to obtain a homogeneous, spreadable mixture.


How to use:

Spread the mixture on the skin.

Leave it for half an hour before washing it with cold water.

Wipe the skin with rose water.


Banana peel

Many people may not know the amount of benefits that lie in banana peels, specifically the inner side of the peel, therapeutically when applying banana peels immediately.


Peeling it from the inside of the head for a quarter of an hour contributes greatly to relieving migraines.


The inhabitants of the Bahamas have also used it since ancient times to treat high blood pressure by drinking boiled banana peels.

But speaking of the aesthetic aspect, banana peels can be used to whiten teeth, and here is how:

Rub the teeth well with fresh banana peel immediately after peeling it from the inside. The materials and elements available in the peel, such as potassium and magnesium, contribute to whitening the teeth.


Lemon peel

Lemon peel has a refreshing scent, in addition to being a sterilizer. Most importantly, it can be used aesthetically to lighten some dark areas on the body, such as the elbows, for example.

Lemon peel is also considered a mouth disinfectant and gives the mouth a refreshing smell, but you should eat a small piece of it because it is strong and too much of it may harm the protective layer of the teeth.

For good health, drinking a small cup of boiled lemon peel half an hour after eating contributes to ridding the body of excess fat.


Peel the cucumber

Cucumber and its peels have very great benefits for the digestive system, and aesthetically, their benefits are related to maintaining the health, elasticity and vitality of the skin.

The easiest way to benefit from cucumber peel is to use it directly on the face so that the inner side of the peel is in contact with the skin.

It is beneficial for the skin and also beneficial for the area around the eyes. Cucumber is one of the safest ingredients for the eyes and can be used on the eyes


While relaxing after a stressful and tiring day in front of the computer screen, it relaxes the skin, reduces puffiness and reduces dark circles.

It can be easily used by both men and women

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