Does cold have an effect on joints and muscles?


Does cold have an effect on joints and muscles?


The cold does not cause joint diseases or what are colloquially called rheumatic diseases, but rather increases pain in those who already have it. Therefore, we advise patients who suffer from arthritis or joint pain to keep their joints warm.


Likewise, with regard to ligament pain and chronic back pain, because the cold causes contraction of the muscles, many of those who complain of back pain have increased pain, because the cold contracts the muscles. This is what happens when exposed to a cold current on the neck or any of the muscles of the body. The muscle may contract, causing pain, with limited movement of the area that was exposed to cold, such as the neck. Many people who are exposed to such a current experience pain in the neck with difficulty moving the neck in a specific direction. Symptoms ease with heating of the neck and within several days

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