The benefits of camel milk are “beyond imagination” and research must be strengthened to discover them

American researcher Christina Adams revealed that the benefits of camel milk and meat “beyond imagination” for humans, noting that her son’s personal experience made her intensify her interest in camels in the field of her research.


In her lecture on the sidelines of the First King Abdulaziz International Camel Conference, Christina, who wrote a book about camels, pointed out the medical and health advantages of camel milk.


She said: “We must know that camels are an ancient animal, and they had many uses in the past in the countries in which they lived, such as the Arabian Peninsula. Tribes and clans know their value well, and unfortunately there are few books about camels in the world.”



She continued: “At that time, there were no experts in this field, but I continued research and studies, and I read a report recommending giving camel milk to autistic children, and I communicated with some people, and I asked my colleagues about camel milk and its benefits, and I obtained a quantity of powdered milk, A colleague coming from the desert in the United States of America passed by, and I gave my son some milk, and I found him speaking fluently, and he approached me and spoke to me with love and great affection, and he began to act as if he were a normal human being, and he no longer dropped food on the ground. She added: “Camel’s milk has many benefits.” Very important for immunity, and what made me care about camels is a human story that I was exposed to, which is that after completing my master’s thesis, I gave birth to a child, and I was surprised that he had autism, and as you know, diagnosing autism is difficult, which is what made me turn to biological sciences, to learn a lot about this. The disease, which seems difficult and expensive to deal with, and I spent 5 years researching and learning things about the disease, and I wrote a book about the mechanism of dealing with autistic children, and in the meantime I found a man who had camels, and I asked him what is the benefit of camels? He said that it is a beautiful animal that I take care of, and he told me Its benefit lies in providing milk as a treatment for patients in hospitals, and I felt that its milk could be beneficial for my son, as it does not contain any compounds that would trigger allergies in him.”


She added: “Then I asked for camel milk from some colleagues, and it was delivered to me through the airport, and it cost me a lot. After that, I decided to write about the importance of camel milk, and showed how it can be used to treat autistic children.”


She pointed out that in addition to its benefit for autism patients, camel milk helps in treating other diseases, and this is what science confirms about the importance of camels in controlling several diseases, including the Corona virus, and the antibacterials found in camel milk, as well as food products made from camel meat.


She added: “It is important to develop studies on camels and benefit from them to enhance human health and enhance their well-being, and this requires more scientific research and medical support.”

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