Ginger and cinnamon milk… How does it help boost your health in winter?

We make sure to drink hot drinks during the winter so that we feel warm, such as coffee, tea, etc., but the presence of caffeine in these much-loved winter drinks may disrupt your sleep cycle and affect digestion, but what are the caffeine-free drinks that we can drink during… The winter season to maintain warmth, bone health, and combat colds and fevers, according to the “Onlymyhealth” website report.


Drinking jaleeb with some spices added to it may be useful in the winter to obtain the necessary warmth and fix all these health problems that are common in cold weather. Perhaps the best of these drinks is drinking milk with the addition of ginger and cinnamon.


Why cinnamon and ginger milk?


A cup of warm milk is good for health, but adding spices and herbs to it can improve the health score of the milk. Both cinnamon and ginger are full of beneficial elements for health, including antioxidants and minerals, and are useful for combating seasonal allergies, colds, congestion, sore throat and poor digestion. They are also beneficial for heart health and help in Weight loss It also has an anti-inflammatory effect and helps in healing the body.


Moreover, cinnamon as a spice has a warming effect on the body, which helps in accelerating the metabolism and has antiviral and antibacterial properties. It also helps in treating clogged arteries and helps in preventing cardiovascular diseases. It also helps in enhancing overall nutrition and enhancing Immunity and improving metabolism in general.


How to prepare ginger and cinnamon milk


Take one cup of milk and add 1 inch of grated ginger. Prepare the mixture and add a pinch of cinnamon to it. Filter the milk and add a little honey to it.

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