The art of Simple Living


A lifestyle is followed by gathering comforts into a routine. In the busy fast-paced life full of chaos in the outside world, there is a need for us to make time for calmness and relaxation. Following a simple routine helps in cutting down the stress and helps in making time for the really needed events in our life.

Simple Living depicts a small but neat house, less products and a highly managed expenditure. It is about diverting the expenses to things we need from the things we want.

Keeping a home with only the needed furniture and products for daily need reduces the space taken and the open empty spaces are increased. As the products become less, decreases the clutter and home looks neat and spacious and big. It is a small trick to make a small home look big.

Decreasing the filled space in home gives more room for decoration or to keep decorative pieces. This enhances the looks of the house.

Simple living also includes the daily expenditure. Having a simple expenses, reduces the burden of unnecessary expenses. Calculating and budgeting helps in lowering or cutting down of costs thereby allowing the extra savings that could be used in buying the things we need. Spending an amount, little than usual on the needs becomes normal and doesn’t cause stress about managing money outflow.

Talking about the Simple living how do we cut down the spending and settle down to a simple lifestyle. Following are a few tips for simple living, :

1) Keep an accounts book.Check for the whole month’s expenditure and check money outflow and cancel out unwanted.

2) Buy ration in bulk

3) Do not buy extra store-in products until the products at home are nearing empty.

4) Plan a budget for festivals and stick to it. Keep a list of purchases. Writing down allows to understand the needs and wants and cut down unnecessary purchases.

5) Reduce the outing and plan things to do at home

6) Keep Daily routine simple and make time to meditate on the day’s events.

Being in a simple lifestyle helps in concentrating on the needed and lessens the stress of multitasking.  A relaxed approach to every event in life can be achieved when we are not bogged down into thinking and planning multiple tasks.

Multitasking is always energy drainer.

Trying to reduce anything that can be done later helps in keeping priorities completed on time.

Also planning out a day through a to-do list gets all the work completed. Planning is a must for simple living. Re-evaluating our lifestyle makes us to keep our life organized.  Being organized saves time and does not need re-looking or re-work. It will be a relief to see everything is taken care by just planning before executing. 

Zen life upholds the simplicity of a lifestyle. The major calmness of a zen master is being simple. When we remove all that creates complexity in our life, results in a serene lifestyle. 

The first step of zen in simplicity.

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