Life lesseons learnt during my journey of illness


Good greet, 

I was 11 years old when i started suffering physically. Then, at 13 i met a renowned Rhuematologist dr. Raju khubchandani sir at one of leading hospitals in mumbai, jaslok hospital. After lot many tests and struggles i was diagnosed with the rare autoimmune disease. As every doctor does he did prescribed me medications. And as i have seen i thought it would be end to my struggles. But no, it wasn’t the end. To my surprise it  was beginning. You won’t believe i had 20-20 loose motions a day. Not only this rashes, skin problems, aches and much more. I am describing my experience here in short. I was ordered so many tests during this journey. I changed so many medicines. But nothing worked so well. This was all physical suffering. But mentally i suffered too. I am from a family of doctors. My grandfather and father are surgeons and mother is physician. As you would read this you would have first thought in your mind i guess that i must be lucky that they were also there for me. Nahhh… It made things more difficult for me. If they are reading this sorry but this is a sour-bitter truth. I was always said that i am suffering mentally more and thats why my physical symptoms get raised. My maternal family stays at mumbai. They are well to do. But i would say the biggest treasure and wealth of human is heart and brain and they lack at it. My grandma over there has told me such things that even if i think about that or her i get butterflies in my stomach. 

Actually, everybody left no effort to prove me different. 

But, what you go through,you grow through. 🌱->🌳

So i would share some things i learnt in life and would teach someone who needs my help. 

1. People have mouth so they are going to use it. But you would be taught to stay calm! Its good staying clam but god has also gifted you mouth so sometimes you need to use it. 

2. Speak for yourself. You need to speak your emotions out. Or just remember : speak up or pack up!!! 

3. Its easy saying then doing. People always advice you and will do this you need to stay away. 

4. Promises are just made by peopke who can’t do it. 

5. You carry a burden, doesn’t mean you are a burden.

6. When someone shares their feeling, listen to it, then think before advising or helping.

7. Most important use your words wisely. 

8. We all are a group of atom that is going to dissolve in once you are dead. 

9. Don’t feel yourself as weak. You are a strong person. 

10. May it be your mom, dad or friend no one can control your mind.

11. You need to be your own guide of love and joy. 

12. Love as much as you can, smile as much as possible and cry if you wish. 

13. Its okay sometimes 2 steps forward and sometimes 1 step backwards. 

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