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The apple and water program is the best for burning fat

It is quickly known that the metabolic rate gradually decreases after a person reaches the age of twenty-five, and his body loses muscle mass and the burning of calories decreases. Based on the aforementioned, a healthy diet program was prepared in order to maintain body weight regardless of Lack of burning calories in it, and this program depends on apples and water, and we will mention what the program depends on below.

>>Conditions for the success of the apple and water diet:


>- You must determine the energy that your body needs based on your physical activities, if they are weak, medium or





>- You must commit yourself to a diet that gives your body fewer calories than your body needs, and this would >

> Contributes to weight loss in your body, for example, give each kilogram of your body the amount of fifteen calories >

> Thermal instead of giving him twenty-five calories.

>- You should pay attention to the amount of fat that is in your food, because these fats give your body high calories if >

> Compare it with other types of foods that contain less fat.>


>- You should eat protein that does not contain fat in your two main meals a day because this contributes to the restoration of >

Your body’s muscle tissues, which contributes to raising the rate of your body’s representation of food, and protein has a lower percentage of calories.>

> Calorie content per gram contains only four calories.>


>- You should make sure to eat vegetables and fruits that contain fewer calories, except for potatoes, dates and figs >

And grapes and mangoes.

>- You should drink plenty of water and liquids, and make sure that they are free of preservatives, i.e. stay away from flavors>

Industrial, soft drinks, coffee and tea.

>- You should eat an apple 30 minutes before eating the main meal, because the apple remains in its skin in the intestine and is absorbed >

> The fat that the body stores from foods and expels it out of the body with other waste, and it also gives you a feeling of satiety.


>- You should drink a glass of water after eating the apple, as this will increase your feeling of satiety.>


>- You should walk every day for thirty minutes, preferably sixty minutes, or at least three times a week.>


>- You should increase your physical activities, such as going to the club or sports center, doing household chores, or climbing stairs >

> and other means.


>- You must stick to a diet that consists of six meals a day and provides the body with calories starting from 1,000 >

> And one hundred to one thousand and two hundred calories, and this is done through a nutritionist.

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