Smart tips to tighten the skin after losing weight

Women are always looking for beauty, and this beauty comes through a harmonious body with an ideal figure, but many women suffer from excess weight, so they seek to lose it in several ways, and some of these methods are effective and succeed in losing weight properly. And one of the ways to lose weight is diets Harsh diets, but these methods may make the weight decrease exaggeratedly, which causes sagging of the skin and highlights wrinkles and cracks in it. The reason for sagging of the skin after losing weight is because it has not yet been able to adapt to the new shape of the body, as it has not lost the components of its layers. Also, the elasticity of the skin is affected as a result of following a wrong diet, not getting enough fluids, prolonged sun exposure, smoking, etc., which all appear clearly when losing body weight. Therefore, we offer you the following some instructions for To prevent your skin from sagging and the emergence of wrinkles in it, and to tighten your skin and return it to normal after losing weight.


>Don’t follow harsh diets





Do not follow harsh and fast diets to lose weight quickly, because it makes the body deprived of obtaining nutrients>

It also prevents the person from exercising and physical activities due to the fatigue he is exposed to.>

>Which makes him lose muscle and fat masses, and the correct thing is not to lose more than a kilogram per week.>


>Drink water>


> Be sure to drink plenty of water because it makes your skin moist, which makes it maintain its elasticity, and it should not be less than

> You drink about eight cups a day.


>Eat the necessary nutrients

>Keep eating the nutrients that give your skin freshness, vitality and elasticity, and the most ingredients that give you these

>Things are collagen and elastin, which are found in protein-containing foods such as milk and dairy products>

>And cheese, vegetables, tofu, beans, seeds, and fish.>

> Natural oils also contribute to the health and freshness of your skin, such as olive oil, and it is recommended after you exercise >

> Sports by eating two hundred calories of these foods so that your skin absorbs these elements well.


> Do sports regularly

> Do exercises that help you lose weight, such as weight lifting, running, and aerobic sports, and you should not lose weight >

> Your exercise a week about three times.

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