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The 1st instant lifting face mask from Kiehl's - Care Beauty

The 1st instant lifting face mask from Kiehl’s


Who among us does not dream of having tight and youthful skin? And who among us does not dream of an instant product to smooth out facial wrinkles? But is there such a product? We are pleased to tell you that the scientists of the high-end brand Kiehl’s have made every effort to offer you the Kiehl’s ginger and Hibiscus Face firming mask that gives you young skin instantly, learn with us about its features and clinical results of studies on it, as well as the correct method and number of times.

Kiehl’s ginger and Hibiscus Face Lift mask features

Ginger and hibiscus mask is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive ones.

This mask contains natural ingredients that help instantly lift the face and provide the skin with instant freshness, the most important of these: hibiscus, which extracts from its seeds the active part of Hydrolyzed sweetened proteins and is then purified and filtered to preserve the effective benefits only to provide the composition of the mask immediate and obvious benefits, and ginger leaves,

This mask also contains essential oils that give your skin softness and a beautiful aroma while at the same time it is free of parabens that may cause allergic skin allergies.

This mask helps smooth out fine lines and instantly give the skin a youthful look.

Results of clinical studies on Kiehl’s ginger and hibiscus Firming Face Mask

In a study of 51 women of different races and more than 50% of them have sensitive skin, the results came as follows:  

Immediately after applying the catcher:

Smooth skin 78.4%

Renewed skin 86.3%

Smooth skin texture 90.2%

Night score

Skin that looks softer 86.3%

Skin looks renewed 94.1%

Skin looks softer 86.3%

Two weeks after starting to use the catcher

Skin looks smoother 88.2%

Skin looks rejuvenated 88.2%

Lower thin lines 78.4%

Four weeks after the start of using the product

Skin that looks softer 92.2%

Skin looks renewed 92.2%

Lower thin lines 74.5%

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How to use Kiehl’s ginger and hibiscus Firming Face Mask

Kiehl’s Ginger Leaf & Hibiscus Firming Mask is recommended to be used regularly 5 times a week after applying toner and serum to the skin before bedtime. This mask is applied to clean skin with upward movements before bed and you will get a great result when you wake up.

Leave wrinkles and fine lines with Kiehl’s ginger and hibiscus Firming Face Mask, don’t hesitate to pick it right away the result is more than great!