Kiehl’s Night Serum is your best choice to nourish your skin


There is no doubt that the skin succulent, healthy, sparkling, every girl’s dream but to get it requires a daily routine of skin care covered from the outside and the inside also, below we offer you one step will change your skin from the outside and its freshness is unparalleled.


Kiehl’s night Center serum:

Discover Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate: its unique ingredients of distilled plants restore the skin’s healthy appearance during the night to feel the difference in the morning.

Its paraben-free formula, rich in 99.8% nourishing natural vegetable oils of squalene, evening primrose and a blend of essential oils known for their healing, balancing and antioxidant properties, all work with the skin’s nighttime activity to radically rejuvenate the skin by morning.

Its light, fast-absorbing texture allows natural oils to penetrate the surface of the skin immediately to nourish it, and as the skin repairs daily damage during the night, Kiehl’s concentrated night serum starts to rejuvenate, repair, nourish and make it softer and healthier during the skin’s natural night activity.

One of the most important results you get when using Kiehl’s night concentrated serum is to soothe inflamed or irritated skin thanks to lavender oil, which is one of the pure natural oils that are effective in the serum, in addition to reducing pigmentation and uniformity of the skin, it also gives the skin a brighter and brighter appearance.the smoothness of the skin is a key result thanks to squalene, one of Kiehl’s main ingredients derived from olive fruits, which is absorbed by the skin very easily and is famous for its ability to renew the skin’s natural defense barrier, which keeps it soft.

How to use Kiehl’s night concentrated serum:

Put 2 to 3 drops of concentrated serum night on clean skin.

Gently pat the cheeks, forehead and chin with fingertips to evenly distribute the lotion.

Gently massage your skin.

It can be used alone, before applying the moisturizer or by following the following order: cleansing the skin with its own lotion, toner, eye cream, night concentrated serum from Kiehl’s, moisturizer.

For dry hands: add a few drops of night concentrated serum to your hand cream, then massage your hands to penetrate and deeply moisturize the skin.

For a spa-like shower experience: add several drops of night-focused serum to the bath water and enjoy lavender to relax and soften the skin.

To get rid of sunburn: apply night concentrated serum on the sun-damaged area every night daily until the effects are completely gone.

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