Ten commandments for proper and healthy nutrition.

Ten commandments for proper and healthy nutrition. Just maintain it as much as possible to enjoy good health.


1- Chew food well…..and avoid eating the meal quickly so as not to suffer from bloating and digestive disorders.


2- Avoid drinking water during a meal so as not to be exposed to chronic bloating…and drink it between meals in small doses, as this helps to produce urine and get rid of toxins.


3- Five small meals are better than three large meals. A snack between the main meals increases the body’s activity and reduces the binge eating of the main meal.


4- Drink a cup of water on an empty stomach in the morning….it benefits your health and protects you from many diseases, and a small spoonful of honey….if possible, half a spoonful of black nigella seeds (common to all apothecaries).


5- Increased food intake expands the stomach and increases the appetite to devour a meal…and increases your need for food…so do not overeat large amounts of food.



6- Breakfast is very important. You must not ignore it in order to maintain your good health. Try to coordinate your eating schedules and give yourself a time to eat every day. (That is, do not advance one day and delay another day.)





7- Do not neglect to eat salads before meals, as they are rich in vitamins and salts…and eat fruits three hours after eating so as not to cause you indigestion.


8- Avoid working or exercising immediately after eating…to help the body accomplish its task in the digestion process.


9- Do not go to sleep immediately after eating…..this hinders the functioning of the stomach and the digestion process….Also, fatty or excess food causes sleep disturbance.


10- Eat the ideal meal that contains the five nutrients: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and salts… so do not neglect one element at the expense of the other.


Your health is the most important thing to you, so do not waste it and follow these very light tips.

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