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September 25, 2023 admin

Low cost natural ways to reduce the appearance of wrinkles

Low cost natural ways to reduce the appearance of wrinkles










Smoking, even passive smoking, pollution, unhealthy food, and other things that cause wrinkles to appear. Which, as soon as it begins to appear on the face, distorts the beauty and freshness of the skin, making you look older, paler, and less fresh and youthful. So how can you regain control of the beauty and youth of your skin, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles? Here’s the solution.


Today, Layalina offers you low-cost solutions that are very effective in fortifying your skin against wrinkles and keeping it radiant and shiny. First of all, know, my dear, that the best way to protect your skin from wrinkles is to avoid bad habits such as smoking, alcohol, staying up late, and other factors that will Hurt the beauty and youthfulness of your skin greatly.


Egg mask: The lack of collagen, which is the protein responsible for the youth and elasticity of the skin, actually leads to the appearance of wrinkles, and so that you do not have to resort to expensive collagen injections, which certainly have negative effects and health complications, use egg white masks. They are an easy and healthy way to tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Eggs are great for your beauty because they are rich in protein, rejuvenate the skin and contain vitamins A and B, which promote tissue repair and protect skin cells. To prepare the egg mask: Beat one egg white well until it becomes white. Form a foam, then apply it to your face. Leave it for half an hour, then rinse your face well with water, and you will get firm, white and supple skin. In addition, it is also effective against acne, pimples, and blackheads.


Fruits and vegetables: Fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants, such as berries, spinach, and kale, protect skin cells and ward off harmful effects, and also reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Excessive consumption of processed and fast foods causes inflammation and skin damage, so it is necessary to focus on following a diet that contains Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, as this will make your skin look much better.


Sleep: An individual’s sleep needs vary, but most people need 8 hours of sleep at night to obtain the benefits of skin cell growth and renewal. The body produces hormones that reduce inflammation and wrinkles at night. It is also better to sleep on the back, as sleeping on the side causes wrinkles to appear more frequently. Larger over time. It is also necessary to wear sunglasses to prevent squinting due to sunlight and reduce the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes.

June 7, 2023 admin

Carrot and avocado mask for dry skin

This great mask for dry skin contains just a few of our most popular ingredients. Among the components of this mask are antioxidants, which greatly help in combating aging. Carrots are also rich in potassium, which prevents skin dryness and has anti-inflammatory properties, which helps revitalize the skin. Follow with us the steps of this mask in order to enjoy fresh skin free of any dryness.



* Ingredients:

– 1 peeled and mashed carrot.


– 1/2 of an avocado.


– 1 tablespoon of honey.


– 1/2 tablespoon of olive oil (ie

Oil can do the show (except vegetable oil or coconut oil)





– 1 teaspoon of lemon juice.


– 1 egg yolk


* How to prepare :


– Flatten the carrot by steaming or boiling so that it is easy to mash.


Mash the carrot with a fork until it becomes creamy, or put the carrot in a blender until it forms a paste.


Mash the avocado with carrot pulp.

Note: The avocado must be well ripe




Hard to mash with a fork. In this case, I recommend putting unripe avocados with

Carrot in the blender until it is blended.


Then add honey, lemon juice and egg yolk and mix these ingredients well by hand.


Then spread the mask on a clean face for 15 minutes.


During the waiting period, you can mash the remaining half of the avocado with lemon and sea salt and enjoy it as a snack while you are waiting for the mask to finish.

Finally, wash your face from the mask with a warm cloth and remove the dry skin with it, then apply the moisturizer.

May 7, 2023 admin

Mask of honey and fish oil to remove skin wrinkles

the components:

A spoonful of bee honey + one egg yolk + half a teaspoon of fish oil + half

1 teaspoon of lemon juice + 1 tablespoon of warm milk Method:

Mix the ingredients

Apply it well on your face and neck, using a suitable brush, keeping away from the surrounding area




Apply to the eyes and leave the mask on the face and neck for 25 minutes, after which the face and neck should be washed

with warm water several times.

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For a patient with osteoarthritis, enjoy fresh skin with massage salt. “Acer” launches new Ultrabooks

May 1, 2023 admin

4 exercises to enlarge the size of the lips naturally

Many women dream of big lips that give women beauty and attractiveness, and they may seek for this to perform some plastic surgeries, but their shape is always artificial and far from natural. Therefore, we will show you the following several natural exercises in order to enlarge the size of the lips without performing any plastic surgeries such as injections or the use of chemical recipes.


> And these exercises can be done easily at home and at any time of the day, as you can do them while you are doing any other activity, and they are characterized by being easy and do not require a long time or high effort, and they will give you large lips similar to the lips of famous stars in the world the art.

Exercise 1

>- Let your lips touch your teeth while making sure to leave your mouth closed, then smile without opening your mouth or moving your lips from your teeth, and make the smile as wide as you can, and keep this position for fifteen counts, and then close the lips together as much as possible. You can be forward and stay in this position for fifteen times.

exercise 2





Close your mouth and try to touch your lips with your nose as much as you can, and although of course you cannot do this, try to reach the maximum level and repeat this exercise five times with a count of ten.

exercise 3

>- Bring your lips together, then bring them forward as far as you can, while keeping your mouth closed, and keep this position for ten counts, then put your lips inside your mouth while keeping it closed, by opening the space between the upper and lower jaws Then count to ten.

exercise 4

>- Take a deep breath, then hold it, and blow your cheeks with air out between your lips, while keeping them closed as if you were whistling, and repeat this exercise ten times.

>These methods are characterized by being natural, and there are other methods by performing surgeries and injections such as Botox and collagen, but they are very expensive and not everyone can perform them, and to ensure their success and achieve what is required of them, you must go to a specialized surgeon and undergo difficult operations, and their appearance will be in Abnormal finish.

As for the exercises previously presented, they do not carry collateral damage, and with continuity and perseverance in them, your lips will become large in size, similar to the lips of many stars in the world of art, such as Angelina Jolie and others.

March 28, 2022 admin

How to treat acne with rose water

Rose water has been used since ancient times to treat and reduce acne, and perhaps one of the most important causes of acne is the increase and accumulation of fats secreted by the sebaceous gland in the skin . Therefore, rose water is one of the most important simple and effective treatment of acne 

Rose water benefits 

 Rose water is considered antiseptic and antimicrobial, and therefore it is used in the treatment of acne and to hide the scars it leaves on the skin.

 Rose water can be used with all skin types, including sensitive skin, because it does not cause any sensitivity or redness to the skin.

 In addition to treating acne, rose water has other benefits for the skin, as it maintains the acidity of the skin and works to open pores, tighten the skin and hide wrinkles.

How to use rose water to treat acne

There are several ways to use rose water to treat acne, such as washing the face directly with it or spraying it as a mist. We also mention some different ways to use rose water:

– A mixture of rose water and sandalwood

This mixture works to prevent the appearance of acne and hide the scars left by acne on the face as well. To prepare this mixture, put sandalwood powder with rose water in a ratio of 2: 1 Take 2 tablespoons of sandal powder and add them to a tablespoon of rose water and make a paste, then Apply it on your face, let it dry and then wash it off with water.


– Rose water and lemon juice

The mixture of rose water and lemon juice is also an excellent way to treat acne, mix equal amounts of lemon juice and rose water (one tablespoon of rose water with one tablespoon of lemon juice) mix them well and then wash your face and leave it for 10 minutes as it works to lighten the pores as well as Lemon helps to hide the scars caused by acne, but you must first test your skin before applying this mixture on your face. Put a small amount on your hand to make sure that you are not allergic to lemon and leave it for 24 hours. If you find sensitivity or redness, you should not use it.


Rose water .  educate yourself

3- Mix rose water, cucumber and honey:

If you are allergic to lemon, you can use this alternative method in which we use rose water with cucumber and honey and make a paste of them. Take a piece of cucumber and add to it 2 tablespoons of honey and put them in a blender until the dough becomes soft. Take it and add rose water to it and mix them together well and then put it On your face, honey and rose water act as antimicrobials and cucumber soothes the skin.

?Where is rose water available

 You can get rose water easily from stores, and you can also make it yourself by adding drops of rose oil to the water. The methods that we have mentioned here regularly and you will get rid of acne and the effects it leaves on your skin

January 25, 2022 admin

How to Get Rid of Forehead Wrinkles

Forehead wrinkles can be frustrating, but they’re nothing to furrow your brow over. As annoying as they may be, lines on the forehead in particular are also very common, because our eyebrows are responsible for so many of our expressions. When it comes to getting rid of wrinkles, it all comes down to collagen; one way or another, your skin needs more of it to fill the lines. (That, or the muscles that created the line in the first place get frozen up.)

Whether you’re looking to smooth your lines via skincare products, prevent them in the first place, or go straight to the hard stuff—i.e. Botox, fillers, and lasers—there’s a forehead wrinkle solution for you. Read on for advice straight from three top dermatologists.


From horizontal lines to those pesky “elevens,” there’s one main culprit: simply moving your face. “Forehead wrinkles are caused by repetitive crunching of the frontalis muscle, and are exaggerated in individuals with bulkier muscle mass and those who are very expressive,” explains Brian Hibler, a board-certified dermatologist at Schweiger Dermatology Group in New York City. But other factors contribute as well: “Sun exposure, aging, thinning skin, loss of elasticity, and genetics are also to blame for these lines,” says Hibler.

These lines reveal themselves at different times for different people. “There is no specific age that forehead wrinkles show up,” says Y. Claire Chang, a board-certified cosmetic dermatologist at Union Square Laser Dermatology in New York City. “Everyone is different and can form forehead lines at different ages.”


Yes—well, sort of. “In some cases if lines are not deeply set into the skin, you can totally reverse them,” says New York-based dermatologist Joshua Zeichner. However, he cautions, “If lines are deeply etched into the skin, you may not be able to completely eliminate them.”

Hibler adds that the more you get ahead of wrinkles, the less likely they are to appear as deeply. “If patients are proactive about treating their wrinkles when they first start, they are able to prevent them from setting in,” he says. “We are seeing more young patients coming in for treatment to prevent these lines from ever setting in, and we have decades of experience to support early treatment to prevent permanent forehead lines.” That said, even if lines are deeper, injectables such as Botox can still make a big difference.


The biggie? Retinol. “Retinol stimulates collagen to help the skin resist wrinkling,” explains Zeichner. With any retinol product, it will take at least three months until the skin-smoothing results are fully realized. Retinol can make your skin sensitive, so it’s important to moisturize and wear sunscreen when using retinol products—and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid it altogether, as it can potentially lead to birth defects. Another popular ingredient, hyaluronic acid, can also temporarily plump up the look of lines. “Look for products with hyaluronic acid, which binds water and helps hydrate the skin,” says Hibler.

For those looking for an over-the-counter formula, try the L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Night Serum with Pure Retinol. It is blended with 0.3 PERCENT ​pure retinol​ (the most potent form of retinol) to visibly reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles—even the deep ones. It also contains hyaluronic acid and soybean oil to keep skin moisturized. If you’re looking for a natural alternative, rosehip oil is a plant-based alternative that offers vitamin A (the purest form of retinol) as well as other antioxidants.

L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Derm Intensives Night Serum with 0.3% Pure Retinol


As for facial tools, they may be a nice thing to add to your routine, but they are likely not going to make an enormous difference. “At-home tools and devices like microcurrent and gua sha have limited efficacy in treating forehead wrinkles,” says Chang.


If you can stomach the needles, Botox and other neurotoxin-based injectables are highly effective at smoothing away forehead wrinkles. “Injectable wrinkle reducers work by relaxing muscles under the skin,” explains Zeichner. Essentially, if you can no longer make the facial expression, your skin won’t be able to create the wrinkle.

The results typically last three to four months, but if your lines aren’t too deep, Zeichner says that injectables can smooth them away completely. “Just like hanging a sheet on a clothesline and allowing it to unfold in the wind, neurotoxins allow the skin to fill in lines on its own by preventing repeated facial expressions that cause the wrinkles to begin with,” he explains.

Fillers are an option as well. “Deep forehead wrinkles can be treated with hyaluronic acid-based fillers,” adds Hibler. “However, it is important to see a trained expert in this procedure as there is a risk of intra-arterial occlusion due to the very vascular anatomy of the forehead.”


In addition to injectables and skincare, lasers and chemical peels are in-office procedures that dermatologists offer to help get rid of forehead wrinkles. “Resurfacing lasers cause controlled damage to the skin, taking advantage of its ability to heal itself and create new collagen,” explains Zeichner.

On the other hand, chemical peels deeply exfoliate the top layers of skin so that it appears less wrinkled, leaving you with a more youthful tone and texture.

The earlier you address a wrinkle, the better your outcome will be when it comes to neurotoxins.


Skincare is the first line of defense. “The stronger the skin foundation is, the better the starting place for it to age from,” says Zeichner. And that begins with (you guessed it), sun protection. Hibler recommends avoiding tanning, wearing sunglasses to prevent squinting, and, of course, SPF: “Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen every day and avoid direct sunlight when possible,” says the derm. “Sunlight breaks down collagen and leads to thinner skin which accentuates wrinkles on the face.”

Depending on your skin type, you may begin to incorporate retinoids, as well as other anti-aging ingredients, early on as well. “Antioxidants like vitamin C help protect and repair the skin to prevent collagen loss from free radical damage, which can happen due to sun exposure and environmental pollution,” says Chang. The derm also recommends peptides, which “can help hydrate and plump the skin to help with the appearance of fine lines.”

As for Botox and other injectables, it’s up to you (and your dermatologist). “The earlier you address a wrinkle, the better your outcome will be when it comes to neurotoxins,” advises Zeichner. In other words: If you’re not opposed to Botox, consider doing it when you first see lines popping up. “I recommend considering it when wrinkles begin to stick around, when your face is at rest,” he says. For some that may be in your early or mid 20s, for others it may be later.

January 19, 2022 admin

9 wrong habits that cause wrinkles to appear at an early age

Wrinkles that appear on the skin at an early age are part of the signs of aging. Wrinkles usually appear with age, and sometimes they may appear as a result of things that have no age treatment. In the sense that the wrong aesthetic habits lead to the emergence of wrinkles. We have compiled the bad habits that affect the aging process so that you can stop them as soon as possible.



Smoking is the most common cause of wrinkles  There are studies that showed these results, and Joel Schlesings, a dermatologist and plastic surgeon, states that you must stop smoking to prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

Diet :

If you want to keep your skin rejuvenated and vibrant, you must make sure that everything you eat is healthy. When you eat foods that contain more sugar, it not only affects weight loss, but also makes your skin look older. This is because it leads to a loss of facial elasticity and facial features begin to be affected and fine lines appear. Pure sugar and simple carbohydrates also cause inflammation throughout the body, by causing insulin levels to increase. Inflammation produces enzymes that break down collagen  and elastin, which leads to sagging and the appearance of wrinkles. Therefore, you should stop following a bad diet so as not to harm the health of your face.

Chewing gum:

Chewing gum produces a new type of wrinkles, which are the wrinkles that appear in the lower part of the mouth. In addition to the appearance of wrinkles, Schlesings says, chewing gum causes other problems in the structure of the mouth. And this sometimes will make you give up on keeping your skin soft.

Not removing make-up:

When you sleep without removing make-up from the face, this is a major reason behind the appearance of wrinkles. This is because makeup and environmental pollutants accumulate on the face throughout the day, which seeps into the pores of the skin and leads to the breakdown of collagen and elastin. This can easily lead to signs of aging such as the accumulation of fine lines and wrinkles. Therefore, you should cleanse your skin before bed by washing it well and keeping it moisturized.

Skin stretching when applying makeup:

There are many wrong habits that women do while applying make-up, such as extending the mouth while applying lipstick or raising the eyebrows to put mascara and the eye while applying eyeshadow or eyeliner, and this negatively affects the skin and leads to the appearance of early wrinkles. Therefore, these should be avoided Wrong habits.

Not wearing sunscreen:

This reason is one of the most direct factors that affect the existing natural collagen and lead to the appearance of eye wrinkles quickly due to exposure to harmful sunlight, especially in the summer. So make sure to apply sunscreen before leaving the house.

Sleep and make-up on the face:

When sleeping on the face is one of the reasons why wrinkles appear on the face. So it is better to sleep on a silk pillow to slide your face on or sleep on your back.

Not eating fruits and vegetables:

Surely you have heard about the benefits of antioxidants in skin care. This is because antioxidants fight skin damage caused by free radicals in the body and are produced during the metabolism process. And you don’t need to get antioxidants  from expensive creams, because you can get them by just eating 6 servings of fruits and vegetables every day to provide the body With the antioxidants it needs.

Stress :

Studies have proven that extreme stress is one of the reasons for the appearance of facial wrinkles, because you are more likely to eat the wrong foods and not sleep enough, which leads to weight gain or loss, so it is one of the annoying reasons for you

December 25, 2021 admin

The most powerful natural collagen for a face lift

 most powerful types of natural collagen to tighten the face and get rid of wrinkles in one month, and enjoy a more youthful look and fight the signs of aging.

In previous articles, we provided you with  effective tips to combat signs of wrinkles , but some effective natural mixtures can be the ideal choice for a more youthful look.

egg white mixture

which helps you to get rid of impurity.

  • Mix one egg white with half a tablespoon of lemon juice.
  • Spread the mixture on the skin, massaging it in circular motions.
  • Leave it on for 20 minutes and then rinse it off with lukewarm water.

Male gum mixture

Frankincense is one of the ideal skin care ingredients that restore youth and beauty to you.

  • Put two tablespoons of the male Lebanon in a bowl and immerse it in an appropriate amount of rose water for the whole night.
  • In the morning, grind it and add half a tablespoon of starch to it.
  • Apply the mixture on your face and massage in circular motions.
  • Leave it on for 20 minutes and then rinse it off with lukewarm water.

Potato mixture

One of the best mixtures ever, it not only helps you get rid of wrinkles, but also works to whiten and lighten the skin.

  • Grate a potato and add one egg and a tablespoon of starch to it.
  • Distribute the mixture on the face in an even manner.
  • Leave it for 20 minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water.


December 15, 2021 admin

Natural lotion to protect the skin from fine lines and wrinkles

The skin suffers from dehydration with high temperatures and a lack of water in the body, so you have to pay extra attention to your skin to protect it from dehydration and the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

Natural lotion to protect the skin from fine lines and wrinkles
Natural lotion to protect the skin from fine lines and wrinkles

Here we offer you a way to prepare a skin wash from natural ingredients that moisturizes and cares for the skin. Learn about the ingredients and the method of application according to the “Your Beauty” website.

Ingredients and method of application:
– Mix equal amounts of honey and lemon juice, mix them together, massage them into the skin, and then wash it twice daily, so you will always maintain the freshness of your skin and prevent the formation of wrinkles  and fine lines

Carrot is an alternative to Botox
December 15, 2021 admin

Carrot is an alternative to Botox

We offer you a way to make ginger soap to take care of your skin and fight wrinkles and fine lines. Learn the method and apply it yourself at home, according to the “My Health” website.

Carrot is an alternative to Botox

Ginger has warming and invigorating properties, making it an excellent facial and skin cleanser. In fact, ginger stimulates the skin, increases blood flow that delays the appearance of wrinkles and eliminates fine lines, and provides a warming effect when used to cleanse the skin, but ginger should be mixed with other ingredients. When you want to use it as a face or skin cleanser.

Ingredients and method of application
Fresh ginger,
white honey,
vegetable glycerin,
container with a tight-fitting lid.
Liquid soap “Soap made from vegetable oils”.

Peel and grate two tablespoons of fresh ginger root in a small bowl, then add three tablespoons of honey to the grated ginger.
Pour ½ cup of vegetable glycerin into the ginger and honey mixture. Glycerin moisturizes the skin and is often used in creams and lotions.
Add two tablespoons of liquid soap to the mixture, stir the mixture well and pour it into a tightly closed container.
Pour half a teaspoon of the mixture into the palm of your hands, add a few drops of water and rub it on your hands together, gently massage the mixture on your face, then rinse it with cold water and dry it and you will feel the difference from the first use