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June 25, 2023 admin

Calories.. How do you calculate them?

German nutritionist Astrid Donalis said that caloric counting is subject to several important criteria such as daily energy need, age, nature of work, exercise, and lifestyle in general.


Donalis explained that the daily energy need consists of two main components, the first of which is the “basal metabolic rate”, that is, the amount of energy that the body needs in a state of rest, and the second is the “physical activity level”, That is, the amount of energy required to perform strenuous physical activity or exercise, which is added to the basal metabolic rate.


Example; A 40-year-old woman who is 1.70 meters tall and weighs 65 kilograms has a basal metabolic rate of about 1,385 calories per day. If she works 8 hours in the office, walks 20 minutes, and does 30 minutes of jogging, her energy requirement rises to about 2,300 calories.


Empty calories


Donalis pointed out the importance of paying attention to what is known as empty calories, that is, foods that contain an amount of calories, but few important nutrients such as vitamins and minerals.


Examples of foods that contain empty calories are sweetened beverages and sweets such as chocolate and cake.


energy density


In addition to the amount of calories in food, it is also important to pay attention to what is known as the “energy density”, that is, the number of calories contained in one gram of a particular food.


Energy density is calculated by dividing the calorie content of a given amount of food by its weight.


For example, 100 grams of apple contains 50 calories. Dividing 50 by 100 gives the energy density 0.5.


For comparison; The energy density of a croissant is about 10 times higher.


In general, the German nutritionist recommended not to exaggerate the calories that the body needs daily; Where it is enough to adhere to approximate values, so as not to lose the pleasure of eating

June 11, 2023 admin

Exercises You Can Do While Pregnant

Note: This article has been written for general information purposes and does not constitute expert advice. We recommend that you consult your obstetrician for the healthiest information about pregnancy.




Maintaining a regular exercise routine throughout your pregnancy will help you both stay healthy and cope with the physical changes that come with pregnancy. Regular exercise is very effective in reducing discomfort during pregnancy and accelerating the postpartum recovery process. Unless you’re experiencing complications that prevent you from exercising, you can do at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise most days, if not all, of the week.




Benefits of Regular Exercise During Pregnancy


It reduces stress and increases your energy.It reduces your back and waist pain and swelling in the body.It improves your sleep quality.It reduces the complaints of depression and anxiety by increasing the level of serotonin.It prevents excessive weight gain.Supports muscle strength and endurance.It reduces the risk of pregnancy complications such as gestational diabetes and preeclampsia.Prepares for birth, helps to reduce the risk of premature and cesarean delivery.It increases the rate of postpartum recovery.


What Exercises Can You Do During Pregnancy?


Exercising during pregnancy is mostly safe. But before you start exercising regularly, you should get your obstetrician’s approval. Exercises that women who have a healthy pregnancy can do include:






Light walking is a great option for pregnant women who are new to exercise and want to improve their fitness. It also has a positive effect on the development of the baby in terms of accelerating blood flow and increasing the oxygen level in the blood. 30-minute walks 3 or 4 days a week are ideal. During the walk, care should be taken not to sweat excessively and to breathe through the nose and out through the mouth regularly.






Swimming and water exercises are a safe option in terms of supporting your increased body weight and working your joints and muscles. In addition, swimming helps to reduce complaints such as back and lower back pain. Balances weight gain. Be careful not to push yourself too hard while swimming. 30 minutes of swimming time per day is ideal. Another thing to consider is that the pool is not over-chlorinated and hygienic.




Yoga and Pilates


Prenatal yoga and pilates classes designed for pregnant women are exercises that you can continue until birth, while benefiting your whole body. These exercises make it easier to adapt to physical changes during pregnancy and improve breathing control. Both exercises help increase body flexibility and endurance, strengthen muscles and facilitate childbirth. It allows you to relax both mentally and physically.


Indoor Cycle


Cycling and low-dose aerobic exercises are also considered safe for pregnant women by experts. The stationary bike is a much safer option for pregnant women, reducing the risk of falling. It helps you stay in shape and strengthen your leg muscles. Low-dose aerobic exercises will help you control your weight gain and support your cardiovascular health.




Kegel Exercises


Kegel exercises, also known as pelvic floor exercises, provide strengthening by tightening and loosening the muscles that support the uterus, bladder and intestines. Thus, thanks to these exercises during pregnancy, birth becomes easier. It also helps you prevent health problems such as postpartum urinary incontinence and hemorrhoids. You can do this exercise by squeezing the pelvic floor muscles for 3-10 seconds and then relaxing them, 3 times a day for 10 repetitions in each session.




It is very important to warm up and cool down after all the exercises you will do during pregnancy. Avoid doing strenuous exercises that make you gasp while talking. Make sure to drink plenty of water and fluids.




Avoid These Exercises During Pregnancy!


Exercises with a risk of falling, such as horse riding, cyclingContact sports such as football, basketball and volleyballExercises that require jumping, jumping, jumping or runningExercises that require you to lift heavyExercises that require you to lie on your back after the first trimesterSports such as skydiving, surfing and scuba divingExercising at high altitudeexercising in hot weather




When should you stop exercising?


Listening to your body is as important as exercising regularly during pregnancy, both for your own health and for the health of your baby. If you have any of the following symptoms, you should stop exercising and contact your obstetrician.

Vaginal bleeding or leakage of fluid from the vaginaRegular, painful uterine contractionsshortness of breath, chest painfast or irregular heartbeatHeadacheDizziness or feeling faintmuscle weaknessCalf pain or swelling

June 9, 2023 admin

The best skin care routine for dry skin

Today we will share with you the best dry skin care routine to restore its freshness so that you can get rid of its impurities and restore health away from the problems that you suffer from.


In the first place, you think about how to moisturize very dry skin in the context of taking care of it, but this is not enough, as it is necessary to follow a set of steps that restore its health and smoothness.


Peeling process


It is one of the indispensable steps that helps you get rid of dead skin cells and thus renew its cells. This step will help the skin absorb moisturizing creams more effectively.


Toner use


After peeling or cleansing, it is necessary not to neglect applying toner to the skin, and make sure that it is alcohol-free to help you balance the acidity in the skin and close the pores to maintain moisture in it.


Moisturizing the skin


The process of moisturizing the skin is essential and necessary, hence the importance of choosing the appropriate skin moisturizing cream that suits the combination of your dry skin, and you can also rely on some natural mixtures that moisturize dry skin.


Sunblock cream


You cannot underestimate the importance of this step, as it will help you protect your skin from sun damage, which can be the first cause of skin dryness. Therefore, we advise you to choose the type that suits your skin and provides it with integrated protection.

June 8, 2023 admin

Signs of hormonal imbalance in the body

Signs of hormonal imbalance in the body


hormones in women



In many cases, the appearance and spread of hair in the body increases, and this matter occurs without prior warning, and the skin, i.e. the faces, is the most common place in the body in which hair appears, and we find that women are the ones who suffer the most from this matter, and the reason is due to a disorder in the body’s hormones, according to According to the report published by “verywellhealth”.




The report indicated that the excessive appearance of hair in the body in women may be a sign of ovarian cysts, which many suffer from as a result of an imbalance in the female hormones in the body.




The report added that one of the most prominent symptoms of women’s infection with ovarian cysts is the appearance of excessive hair in the body, irregular menstruation, pain and bloating in the abdomen, and therefore women who feel and suffer from these symptoms must go to avoid complications of ovarian cysts that may lead to infertility.




The report also indicated that some people suffer from Cushing’s syndrome, which means that the body is exposed to high levels of the hormone cortisol, and this requires regulating the level of this hormone immediately.




The report added that some people who appear to have excessive body hair, that this may be a sign of a tumor in the ovary, or it may be a result of taking some treatments, i.e. medications whose side effects include the appearance of excessive hair in the body.

June 4, 2023 admin

What is Summer Detox? How to Make a Summer Detox?

With the arrival of summer, the word “detox” took its place in our lives. In other words, it is the right time to immerse ourselves in the light foods of summer after the high-calorie foods of the winter season. If you missed a lot these days, if you want to give yourself a little break and moreover, if you want to rest your body, summer detox may be for you. First of all, let’s start our article by briefly talking about what a summer detox is.


What is a summer detox?


It is a type of detox made with summer fruits and vegetables. It consists entirely of light vegetables and fruits. It relieves the body, calms and relieves fatigue. When you say detox, don’t think of those waters that make you hungry right away. Summer detox is a form of purification. It is made with healthy vegetables and fruits. The primary purpose is to purify and lighten the body. Summer detox is a special nutrition program that includes delicious summer fruits and vegetables. It is made to rest the stomach that is constantly busy digesting heavy meals and getting tired. It is an ideal purification method especially for those who have digestive problems. It is said that he lost 3 kilos in 3 days. Doing it for a long time harms the body, so it is important to do it judiciously

In the summer detox list, the day starts with a glass of water with lemon. It is followed by green-rich smoothies. Snacks are important, for example, carrots are ideal. At lunch, green delicacies are supported, such as a low-fat salad with plenty of greens. When it comes to detox, a diet based on only liquid consumption and fasting comes to mind, but summer detox is the opposite of these. The purpose of summer detox is to purify and lighten the body. In doing so, he benefits from every food; It offers a nutrition program rich in protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals. All this is of course limited. It is not a free-for-all nutrition program, but it gets support from many vitamins and minerals. It is recommended to apply for a total of 3 days because too much can be harmful. Losing so much weight at once will alleviate the edema in the body, but it is a question mark whether it will make you lose weight more than fat. Such diets are more beneficial for edema. For this reason, it is recommended to be done in between long-term diets.

What should be considered when doing a summer detox?

The first and most important thing when doing a summer detox is to be convinced that it is not a sustainable diet. Summer detox is not done all the time, it is done occasionally to purify the body. Your dietitian or doctor should definitely approve because not every detox is good for everyone. In order not to endanger your health, you must consult your doctor. It is not a suitable diet for those with serious or chronic conditions. It may interact with the drugs you use regularly, so doctor approval will be required again. In order to benefit from the summer detox effectively, it is necessary to keep water consumption at an ideal level. Regular water consumption is very important. The quality of your sleep is also one of the factors that affect the efficiency of the summer detox. You must pay attention to your sleeping pattern. A summer detox accompanied by a regular exercise program will definitely benefit. If you have the opportunity, apply the summer detox with sports. Summer detox offers a limited nutritional option, that is, it is applied with limited foods. This can negatively affect your health after a while, so you should not eat one type of diet for a long time. Summer detox does not support weight loss in the long run and cannot be done for a long time. The only way to make weight loss permanent is healthy eating and exercise. Such intermediate detoxes are effective in purifying the body and without relieving edema. Summer detox does not support weight loss in the long run and cannot be done for a long time. The only way to make weight loss permanent is healthy eating and exercise. Such intermediate detoxes are effective in purifying the body and without relieving edema. Summer detox does not support weight loss in the long run and cannot be done for a long time. The only way to make weight loss permanent is healthy eating and exercise. Such intermediate detoxes are effective in purifying the body and without relieving edema.



June 4, 2023 admin

Does rosehip tea burn fat?

When it comes to weight loss and fat burning, we come across dozens of different types of tea; such as sage, green tea, white tea… The common feature of these teas is that they contribute positively to weight loss when consumed with a correct nutrition program. It is a fact that no tea is a miracle on its own. There must be a healthy eating routine and regular exercise program; tea can only be supportive. Previously, we talked about the effects of teas such as green tea and white tea on weight loss. Today, we will talk about one of the more “familiar” teas; rosehip tea. According to studies, rosehip tea has positive effects on fat burning. Before going into the details of the question of how rosehip tea makes you lose weight, let’s briefly talk about the benefits of rosehip tea.


What are the benefits of rosehip tea?


Rosehip tea is one of the most beautiful colors of our lives with its aroma and benefits. It is known to prevent inflammation in the body. It lowers bad cholesterol and also has analgesic properties. Rosehip tea is known to strengthen immunity and provides the body to gain resistance against diseases. Rosehip tea, which is known to be good for stomach disorders, is known to regenerate cells. Rosehip tea beautifies not only inside but also outside; It has positive effects on skin health. It moisturizes the skin and can remove blemishes. In addition, rosehip tea is thought to be good for skin problems such as eczema.

Does rosehip tea burn fat?


Of course, no tea, including rosehip, has a direct fat burning feature. It is the biggest injustice that we will do to our body, especially to use slimming teas, which are widely available in the market. Tea, called slimming tea, is promised to burn fat, but fat burning occurs only with regular nutrition and sports. Some natural teas have positive effects on fat burning, but it is not possible to say that they burn fat directly. Rosehip is one of the teas that accompanies regular nutrition and exercise. It can have positive effects on fat burning when consumed regularly. In addition to your diet program, drinking 1 cup of rosehip tea a day is thought to increase metabolism, which supports weight loss.

Does rosehip tea weaken?


According to studies, drinking rosehip tea has positive effects on weight loss. In particular, it accelerates the metabolism and directly affects the weight loss process. In addition to diet and exercise program, drinking rosehip tea not exceeding 1 cup a day can help you lose weight. Rosehip tea has an edema-suppressing effect, so it is very important to consume regular and correct amount of water on the days you drink the tea. Rosehip tea is thought to accelerate the burning of regional fats, so there may be a serious thinning. Since it is a tea that strengthens immunity, it prevents your immunity from falling during the diet.


How to prepare rosehip tea?


There are also ready-made rosehip teas in the market, but if you want to make it at home, the recipe is quite simple. Brew rose hips just like regular tea. If you wish, you can add a small stick of cinnamon and sweeten it. In addition to cinnamon, you can also add honey to get its sourness.



Important Note: Although rosehip tea is one of the natural teas, it may not be suitable for everyone. If you have a chronic illness, it would be useful to consult your doctor before adding rosehip tea to your diet.


The harms of rosehip tea


After talking about the benefits of rosehip tea, let’s briefly talk about the possible harms. Rosehip tea is a good edema remover, but when consumed in excess, it can cause some health problems. Let’s list a few of them below.


• Consuming more than one cup of rosehip tea may lead to the formation of kidney stones.

• Diarrhea or vomiting may occur as a result of excessive consumption.

• Rosehip tea can harm the stomach, especially it can cause heartburn as well as stomach cramps.

• It may be harmful for breastfeeding mothers and those who are pregnant to consume rosehip tea, so they should definitely consult a doctor.


Finally, let’s answer the question of how much rosehip tea should be drunk per day. Rosehip tea can be consumed 1 cup per day unless your doctor recommends otherwise. When 2 cups are drunk, the above-mentioned health problems may occur. For this reason, you should be careful while consuming rosehip tea and you should definitely consult your doctor for the appropriate amount.




May 25, 2023 admin

Reasons for uneven skin tone

There are many reasons that lead to uneven skin color.. It may be because some places are exposed to sunlight and other places are not exposed. This is noticed by those who wear the hijab and do not use sunblock, as the places exposed to the sun appear in a darker color than the natural skin color. Covered with a veil on both sides of the face.


Non-uniformity of the skin color may occur due to the application of sunscreen and its distribution in an uneven manner on the face, which causes the darkening of some places that were painted with less amounts of sunscreen, or places that were completely ignored and were not painted.


In some cases, darkening may occur in some places of the face in the form of brown or gray spots on the forehead, nose, and cheeks. This condition is called melasma, and it requires a visit to a doctor. There are other cases of increased pigmentation that lead to non-uniformity of the skin color, such as the darkening that occurs after Inflammation such as spots after acne or age spots and freckles.


And the reason for the non-uniformity of the skin color may be the lack of melanin pigment production in a specific area, which makes it lighter than others, and the most famous example of this is the problem of vitiligo, which also requires a visit to the doctor, who may be treated using cortisone or radiotherapy, etc., and the problem of colored tinea, which may They appear in the form of light or dark spots, and they also require a visit to a doctor, who often prescribes treatments containing antifungals.

May 11, 2023 admin

Natural mixtures to enlarge lips quickly

Beauty standards differed from what they used to be. After women used to praise the smallness of their mouths and their thin lips, the plump lips became a symbol of beauty and one of its basics!

Therefore, we chose for you homemade mixtures to enlarge the lips:

Oil mixture:

Mix an amount of clove oil, which increases the volume of your lips, with an identical amount of avocado oil, which gives them a pink color, and put the mixture on your lips, for ten minutes, and then wash them, and do not be afraid if you feel a burning sensation because it is a natural effect of clove oil. You can repeat the experiment three times in one week. And do not exaggerate the amount of clove oil, because it causes cracks in the skin in the long run.

Yogurt mix:

Mix a teaspoon of baking powder, with a teaspoon of yeast, and another of starch, and add to the contents half a box of yogurt, and keep stirring until all of them interact well, then put it in the refrigerator, and use it three times a week for a quarter of an hour.


Vanilla mix:

Melt a teaspoon of vanilla extract, with a teaspoon of coconut oil, and another of beeswax, and add to it – if available – a capsule or a teaspoon of vitamin E, and put it in a metal bowl on a boiler of hot water on the fire, and stir it well, then Raise it and leave it aside until it cools down, before putting it in the refrigerator, and use it three times a week for 10 minutes.

April 20, 2022 admin

Fat Burning Mix Recipe While You Sleep

How about detoxifying your body and burning fat? With this mixture we share while you sleep at night, your body will continue to burn fat. Here is the recipe for the mixture that burns fat while you sleep at night…
This mixture helps to eliminate waste and toxic substances in your body. It also cleanses the body of cancerous and toxic compounds. It quickly supports conditions such as purification of your system, accelerating your metabolism, strengthening your immune system and losing weight.
Especially those who cannot melt their belly fat can benefit from this natural mixture. If you drink it before going to sleep at night, your fat burning continues while you sleep. However, if you have any ailments, do not consume this mixture without asking your doctor. Here are the ingredients for that mix…

Ingredients for the fat burning mixture:

Ingredients:-Half a lemon-1 cucumber-1 teaspoon of grated ginger-A handful of parsley-1 glass of water

How is it done?

Pass the entire mixture through the blender and blend until smooth. Your mix is ​​ready! Consume this mixture half an hour before going to bed at night. As we have stated, please consult your doctor before applying.

April 19, 2022 admin

7 Ways to Choose the Right Sport in Middle Ages

Specialist Physiotherapist Altan Yalım, who emphasized the importance of choosing the appropriate sports in the middle age period without getting permanent injuries in the joints or muscles, said:
The middle age period is the period when many of us still feel very young, but in fact, our bodies are slowly progressing to the advanced age. In addition to a group that spends their adulthood doing regular sports, there is a serious group that is inactive due to workload and family obligations. Here, this group, who came to the middle age and found time to spare for themselves, now find themselves at the head of the equipment in the gyms that are easily found in every region. The lucky ones come across well-trained teachers and start sports with appropriate intensity; but some find themselves blindly under the weight.
Specialist Physiotherapist Altan Yalım emphasized the importance of choosing the right sports in the middle-age period without getting permanent injuries in the joints or muscles, and said:
“Although most of us feel very young in middle age, this is a time when our bodies go into advanced age. In summary, in this period when the harmony of spirit and body is the least, we must choose the appropriate sports in order not to get permanent injuries in our joints or muscles. Since sports increase the quality of life and provide ease of socialization, it should be a must in middle age period. In line with the possibilities; Sometimes it can be a half-hour walk, sometimes water exercises, and sometimes activities such as tennis. Sport is fitness, but health comes from protecting yourself.”
Expert Physiotherapist Altan Yalım, who gave information about choosing the appropriate sports in the middle age period, said the following about the selection of suitable sports:

The first goal should not be aesthetic, but to reach our older ages fit and healthy.

Not all people have the same body type and musculature, some of us are more flexible and some of us are more muscular. According to body type, it is best to determine the sport we do.

Sports such as swimming, walking and cycling appeal to the more general group of people and are very effective in keeping the body cardiovascularly fit.

Astroturf football is an activity that is usually done to be with friends for 1 hour a week and to convince oneself that he does not break away from the sport psychologically. Unfortunately, they are the places where permanent disabilities such as ligament ruptures or joint problems are most common. Beware of.

In women, reformer pilates can overstress long-term inactive muscles. For this reason, firstly, preparing the body for this intensity with activities such as met pilates and yoga will prevent injuries.

Tennis is a very useful sport for the middle and advanced age period. It can be one of the appropriate sports choices because it keeps the whole body active, improves coordination and does not pose a risk in advanced ages.

Although the simple sports equipment in the parks are good for activity, they can cause serious injuries due to the lack of a control mechanism.