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Signs of hormonal imbalance in the body

Signs of hormonal imbalance in the body


hormones in women



In many cases, the appearance and spread of hair in the body increases, and this matter occurs without prior warning, and the skin, i.e. the faces, is the most common place in the body in which hair appears, and we find that women are the ones who suffer the most from this matter, and the reason is due to a disorder in the body’s hormones, according to According to the report published by “verywellhealth”.




The report indicated that the excessive appearance of hair in the body in women may be a sign of ovarian cysts, which many suffer from as a result of an imbalance in the female hormones in the body.




The report added that one of the most prominent symptoms of women’s infection with ovarian cysts is the appearance of excessive hair in the body, irregular menstruation, pain and bloating in the abdomen, and therefore women who feel and suffer from these symptoms must go to avoid complications of ovarian cysts that may lead to infertility.




The report also indicated that some people suffer from Cushing’s syndrome, which means that the body is exposed to high levels of the hormone cortisol, and this requires regulating the level of this hormone immediately.




The report added that some people who appear to have excessive body hair, that this may be a sign of a tumor in the ovary, or it may be a result of taking some treatments, i.e. medications whose side effects include the appearance of excessive hair in the body.

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