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Sweetened pomegranate granola oats - Care Beauty

Sweetened pomegranate granola oats



Canola oil: 2 tsp

Oats: 2 cups (flakes / large size)

Cinnamon: 1 teaspoon (ground)

Honey: 6 teaspoons (net)

Vanilla extract: half a teaspoon

Pomegranate: 1 piece (large / seeded)

Yogurt: 3 cups (Greek skimmed)

How to prepare

Pour the oil into a frying pan, over medium heat, and when it is warm, distribute the granola, stirring, until the oil is absorbed. After the elapse of about five minutes, reduce the heat, then spread the ground cinnamon, pour the honey, and add the vanilla extract, stirring from time to time. The ingredients remain on the stove for about three minutes.

Then, transfer the cooked granola to a plate lined with absorbent kitchen paper, and set aside until completely cool.

How to serve: In each bowl (or a single serving cup), spread a layer of Greek yogurt, then a second layer of pomegranate seeds, then a third of granola, a fourth of yogurt, five of pomegranate, and finally a layer of granola.